Bloke with huge biceps has people baffled and comparing him to Russian Popeye

A bloke with absolutely huge biceps has stunned people who are now comparing him to fellow absolute unit, "Russian Popeye".

TikTok creator theanimalhilemakumu has amassed a significant following after people picked up on his huge arms, raking in 140,000 followers and nabbing over a million likes.

His massive gun show has left people baffled as they figure out why his biceps are so big, with plenty of footage of the man flexing his muscles online.

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Comparisons between the dancing bicep bloke and Russian Popeye have soon followed, with the latter man, Kirill Tereshin, regretting his decision to inflate his arms to an enormous size.

His life-threatening biceps have since blocked the blood flow to his muscles and killed some tissue after three litres of petroleum jelly were injected.

But it is not a problem just yet for the TikTok user stretching his pecs as though he were Hulk Hogan, and so far people are stunned, LADBible reported.

One user wrote: "They call him the punisher…they even say when he sleeps at night, he doesn't lock the doors."

Another questioned how the big bicep bloke is able to "wear shirts" and a third joked he "looks like Popeye when the spinach [was] settling in."

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Those massive biceps may cause trouble though, as it did for one Kirill Tereshin, who says he regrets receiving the jellies needed to bulk out his arms.

He said: "I want to get rid of [these] arms. But unfortunately, there’s no fixing it anymore. Since I’m 26 years old, and I’ll be 27 this year, and my body has already grown to its age."

Kirill has since revealed he received the implants and jelly in his biceps to attract "beautiful women" but first started injecting "vegetable oil" he was boiling at home.

He said: "But I began to understand that oil was leaving the muscle after two weeks. As a result I came to Vaseline oil, as a result in half a year I made huge gains for myself."

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