Ive bonked over 720 lovers – men are obsessed with me but I have a type

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    A fit gran who bedded over 720 lovers since her divorce 18 years ago revealed the kind of person she likes dating.

    Andrea Sunshine is quite open about her love life after revealing she loves a relationship with good sex involved.

    The London-based model has become an internet sensation thanks to her good looks and jaw-dropping body.

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    She boasts a massive fanbase of 460,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares an insight into her lavish lifestyle.

    Now the 53-year-old let slip on her sessions between the sheets in an exclusive chat with Daily Star.

    And yes, she also revealed the kind of person she's attracted to at the moment.

    She said: "These days I'm attracted to younger girls, then guys. But it depends, of course, you can't predict attraction."

    Andrea puts a lot of time and effort into her appearance.

    Not only does she make sure she gets regular sex sessions, she also spends hours at the gym on a daily basis.

    And as a result of her sexy looks, the model vows to never stop flaunting her body.

    The influencer continued: "First of all I do that because I am in love with what I see.

    "I like to share the way I feel, so I combine my wisdom and emotions with my sensuality…"

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    She also claimed she's trying to help people become more comfortable with their sexuality as well.

    Andrea added: "I make people think and feel more comfortable and usually encourage them to accept their sexuality.

    "I could see after showing how secure I am, I've opened a discussion with it on my social media."

    While she inspires followers to always be open, Andrea claims she's become a symbol of sexual freedom for them.

    She continued: "Sex can leads us to feel one of the most pleasurable moments in life.

    "Let's take the bulls*** out of taboos imposed by society, sex is life, it's vital and maintains longevity and youth."

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    Recently she shared details on what she really likes in the bedroom.

    The bombshell detailed: "I love someone who leaves me feeling disoriented, without air.

    "I love it when they pin me to the wall and bite my neck, and take control.

    "Despite this, with a woman I love when she's strong emotionally and physically.

    "I love being submissive, but not always because with women I am very dom."

    Andrea also joked she's never thought about counting her notches on the bedpost – but believes it's over 700.

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