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CORONAVIRUS continues to sweep across the UK, with the number of deaths almost at 5,000.

Among the nearly 48,000 cases in the United Kingdom is Prime Minister Boris Johnson – who was admitted to hospital on Sunday after failing to recover from COVID-19.

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That means the PM will not be able to take the daily press briefing at 10 Downing Street.

What time is the coronavirus press briefing?

The Government will once again update the British public, having been giving daily press conferences to the media since March 16.

It is expected to take place around 5pm – with most briefings coming between 4pm and 6pm.

The conference will be held at 10 Downing Street.

How can I watch the press briefing?

The press briefings will be shown live on BBC's news channel.

This is a free-to-air channel, providing you have a TV license.

You can also live stream on BBC iPlayer.

BBC Radio 4 will broadcast the conference over the airwaves for those on the move.

Who are the speakers?

Boris Johnson has not held the last few press briefings, due to recovering from coronavirus at his home.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock led the last one on Sunday, while Dominic Raab could also speak with the Foreign Secretary the de facto Deputy PM and would take charge of the nation should Mr Johnson be unable to.

Alongside those, press conference speakers often include the medical professionals working with the government, such as Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty, his deputy Dr Jenny Harries and Sir Patrick Vallance – the Chief Scientific Adviser.

What was said in Sunday's briefing?

  • Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he "cannot rule out further steps" being introduced in regards to exercising outside – but none are imminent. His comments were because the vast majority of people are following the rules, he said. "What we are doing is being absolutely clear that the current rules must be followed," he added.
  • Two people Matt Hancock "was fond of" have died because of coronavirus. "I understand what a difficult time this is for the country," he said.
  • The NHS has more than 9,000 ventilators now. That is being "ramped up" over the next week to reach a target of 18,000, Matt Hancock said. He continued to add it's not thought that many would be needed, but it is important to keep the supply above the need.
  • England's deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said it was important to test for potential cases of Covid-19 in care homes and prisons. But Dr Harries said hospitals have to be top of the list.

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