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CABINET Office Minister Michael Gove chaired Saturday's coronavirus press briefing and updated the nation on the fight against coronavirus.

Gove asked the nation to resist the temptation to go outside on a sunny weekend, and urged people to "think of those on the frontline".

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What time was the coronavirus press briefing today?

Today's press conference began at 4pm and was broadcast live by the BBC.

The briefing was held in Downing Street and generally takes place between 4pm and 6pm and lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

Government press briefings have been ongoing since March 16.

Who hosted today's briefing?

Today's briefing was hosted by Michael Gove, who has previously hosted the conference.

NHS England medical director Professor Stephen Powis was also on hand to answer questions from reporters.

What did Michael Gove say at the press conference?

Gove said that hospital admissions in London have fallen "slightly" but there have been big increases in Yorkshire and the North East of 35 per cent.

He labelled the Midlands "a particular area of concern", after it has seen a 47 per cent increase in hospital admissions.

Mr Gove added that work is continuing on "transforming Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre into a 2,000 bed Nightingale hospital".

The cabinet minister paid tribute to the seven brave nurses and NHS workers who have tragically lost their lives fighting the virus.

He reminded the nation to stay inside "to ensure their sacrifice had not been in vain", and said if we "relax our adherence to the rules we increase the risk for others."

Regarding ventilators, Gove said that 1,000 ventilators will be being produced in the UK per day by next week and also that 300 ventilators arrived from China today.

NHS England medical director Stephen Powis said that new cases in the UK have "stabilised" in the last few days.

He later admitted that the death toll "will be higher" than those reported in hospitals but that numbers will "start to fall" as social distancing measures start to work.

Gove also said that children who receive free school meals will be eligible for vouchers to ensure they are fed over the Easter holidays.

Both Gove and Powis rubbished recent rumours that 5G masts spread coronavirus, with Gove calling the stories "dangerous nonsense" and "the worst kind of fake news".


What happened at yesterday's briefing?

Yesterday's briefing was hosted by Health and Social Secretary Matt Hancock.

He was joined by Prof John Newton.

Hancock ordered the nation to main social-distancing, as he spoke of the weekend weather forecast for warm weather.

Insisting his advice was not a request but an instruction, he told Brits to do your part” on social-distancing and stay at home.

He went on to say “we cannot relax our discipline” on social-distancing or people will die.

Also during the conference, Hancock was asked about promises of antibody tests, which have not yet transpired.

He went on to says no G7 country has found a home antibody test that works yet, "but we continue to search for one".

When questioned about testing Hancock repeated that the UK has "ramped up" the numbers, before adding his "clear goal" of 100,000 a day by the end of April.

Hancock said that he has made £300m available for funding community pharmacies.

He outlined challenges the nation faces and the plan to drive the plan forward.

"I understand why NHS staff want tests, so they can get back to the frontline,"

"I am proud that every single patient who has needed a test for life-saving treatment has had access"

He said it is important that the public confidence in the tests: "Approving tests that don't work is dangerous and I will not do it".

The ultimate goal, he said, is that everyone that needs a test will have one.

He said that he returned from illness more determined than ever to tackle the virus, working with our friends and allies across the world.

Why is the government holding daily press conferences?

Boris Johnson and his senior cabinet ministers had been criticised for a lack of regular updates into what is happening with the coronavirus outbreak.

Among them was Sir Keir Starmer – the new Labour leader – who called for daily press conferences.

The Labour leader said he was “deeply concerned” that “ministers have been failing in their responsibilities to provide consistent and transparent public health advice”.

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