We live next to Manchester Airport – arrogant travellers park outside our homes for weeks, it's like we don't exist | The Sun

LOCALS who overlook one of the UK's biggest airports are fed up with tourists parking outside their homes and then jetting off on holiday.

Residents in the Shadow Moss Road area of Wythenshawe area of Manchester overlook the city's massive airport.

Pensioner Linda Duffy said she felt close enough to "shake the pilot's hand" as the planes came into land over her home.

Now locals have hit out at the tourists and plane spotters who park up outside their homes.

Gary Heslop, who lives on the corner of Shadow Moss Road, told The Sun: "The parking can be a pain. They have a sign up now telling people this section is residents only.

"But they can park around the corner. And then we have the plane spotters too."

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A man living on Carsdale Road, who did not want to be named, added: "The arrogance of some people is breathtaking. There is a car outside my house and its been there for over a week. They have parked up and gone on holiday.

"And the plane spotters just chuck all their rubbish out of the car window and drive off.

"Surely the airport could remind people that we live here? It's like we don't exist."

However, some people make the most of it.

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Sean Bradley from Stoke-On-Trent said he has a deal with a pal.

He said: "We have just parked up outside my friend's house.

"We do it every year. We then get the Metrolink to the airport – we are flying out to Rhodes this afternoon. It saves us a fortune this way. It saves us fortune on parking and taxis."

Millions of passengers fly from Manchester Airport every month. Last year 23,364,471 passengers used the airport.

The airport's second terminal underwent a £1billion transformation in 2015 and re-opened in July 2021.

The residents also complained about the noise of the planes that come into land every few minutes.

Pensioner Linda Duffy continued: "I have lived here for 10 years and its a nightmare. Some of the planes seem to scream as they come into land.

"I think they are getting louder and louder. My husband works nights and has trouble sleeping during the day.

"The noise is horrendous – you need the windows closed. The gable end of my house actually shakes as the planes come in to land. Can you imagine?

"The big boy (the Aerobus) is not too bad. It's the smaller planes that make the most noise. I hate it."

The parking can be a pain. They have a sign up now telling people this section is residents only.

Another local, John Heart, said it's not only noise that agitates him.

He said: "The planes are a nightmare. You need your windows shut the whole time The area stinks of aviation fuel. It can't be good for you can it?"

But some locals said the airport was good for the area.

A dad playing football with son in the street overlooking the runway said: "I love the airport. I work there so do many of my friends. It's a big employer in the area and a great facility."

Manchester Airport said: “We are proud to be a good neighbour and over the years, as housing has been built nearer the airport since it opened in 1938, we have introduced schemes aimed at minimising any noise or other disruption our neighbours may experience.

"These include grants for things like soundproof glazing as part of our Sound Insulation Scheme, which is available to people living on Shadowmoss Road, as it was built 600m from our runway.

“While modern aircraft are 20-30db quieter than the first jet engines to fly from the airport, we are aware of the disturbance aircraft noise can create which is why, on top of the Sound Insulation Scheme, we also work closely with Manchester City Council, Greater Manchester Police and our airline partners to address any specific concerns that residents raise.

“We strongly discourage passengers from parking on residential roads in the vicinity of the airport, and encourage them to use public transport to get to and from the airport where possible, with our Ground Transport Interchange giving access to the bus, train and tram networks.

"There is also a range of parking options to suit all budgets, including a completely free drop-off facility.

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“The implementation of parking restrictions on residential roads near the airport is a matter for the local authority, but we have worked with Manchester City Council to fund things like concrete bollards to stop inconsiderate parking in specific places.

"We regularly hold outreach events to listen to local residents’ concerns, understand the issues and where possible, implement solutions.”

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