US coronavirus death toll hits 5,000 just 24 hours after reaching 4K mark as chilling rate of fatalities accelerates – The Sun

THE US coronavirus death toll has today hit 5,000 just 24 hours after reaching the 4,000 mark as the chilling rate of fatalities accelerates.

More than 215,000 cases have been recorded – marking the highest figure in the world.

Johns Hopkins University reported 884 people had died in 24 hours.

It comes after one of the youngest victims in the US was reported to be a six-week-old baby.

The tragic newborn's death was announced by Governor Ned Lamont Wednesday night.

It is unknown if the baby had any respiratory problems or underlying health conditions.

There have been very few cases of coronavirus affecting young children.

The infant's death is the youngest confirmed fatality from the disease anywhere in the world.

Meanwhile a cigarette manufacturer says it is developing a potential vaccine to combat the deadly coronavirus – using tobacco plants.

Benson and Hedges maker British American Tobacco (BAT) said it could produce 3 million doses a week by June to combat COVID-19.

The company says it will begin clinical trials on humans soon and is currently running pre-clinical tests.

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