Truck swerves JUST in time when car driver does a U-turn on busy road

What are U doing?! Trucker swerves JUST in time when car driver suddenly does a U-turn into busy traffic

  • The lorry had been travelling at about 40mph when a car started the manoeuvre 
  • Driver was forced to veer to the left but just clipped the vehicle’s front bumper
  • The car behind just managed to bring his own car to a halt in Mytishchi, Russia

A lorry driver on a busy stretch of road narrowly avoided disaster as he slammed on his brakes to avoid a car making a U-turn in front of rapidly approaching traffic.

Dash cam footage showed the large vehicle travelling at about 40mph when it suddenly swerved into the other lane as a blue car was turning round, clipping the car’s bumper as it passed.

The driver behind had only micro-seconds to react, somehow managing to bring his own car to a halt without hitting the stationary vehicle which contained a female driver and two passengers in the back.

The van was driving on the road in Mytishchi, Russia, when it suddenly swerved into the other lane, revealing the car turning around

As the stunned drivers sat still blocking both lanes, oncoming traffic slowed down and passed either side of the accident scene in Mytishchi, Russia, north east of Moscow.

The blue car did not seem to be particularly damaged, while the lorry seemed to lose a wheel arch and a smashed rear light. 

Commenting on the video posted to YouTube yesterday, one person said: ‘Why is she stopping in the middle of the road after the accident?

The lorry managed to avoid hitting the car fully, just clipping the blue vehicle and smashing its lights

The car behind managed to stop and avoided hitting the car which straddled both lanes of the road

Oncoming cars had just enough space to pull around it but traffic seemed to quickly build up on the road in Russia

The driver of the car behind was seen getting out to check if he had managed to stop in time- which he seemed to have managed

‘There is no rule that says you must stop your car wherever it was when it happened. 

‘Just move it out of the way!’

Another shocked viewer added: ‘She cannot be serious!’

Incredibly no one seemed to be injured in the accident, as the driver behind was seen getting out to inspect his own car which stopped just a couple of feet from the blue car.

The occupants seemed to be in a state of shock however, possibly explaining why it had not moved out of the way of cars. 

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