Putin could nuke RUSSIA to wipe out ‘invading’ partisans, madcap Wagner Group boss says as rebels seize more territory | The Sun

PUTIN'S deranged "chef" and leader of the mercenary Wagner Group has suggested Vlad might nuke his own territory to fight "invading partisans".

Yvegeny Prigozhin issued his latest unhinged rant as he continues to ramp up criticisms of the Kremlin and make his own suspected bid for power amid the war in Ukraine.

In his latest statement, he rambled while sitting in a forest: "Could they [Russia] have the vile idea of dropping a tactical nuclear bomb on their own territory?

"Is that why we are retreating in the Belgorod region, allowing them to advance, because it's frightening to throw [a bomb] at someone else's territory but we'll throw one on our own.

"It's a big question if the [nuclear bomb] would work properly."

In late May, Russians against the war in Ukraine launched a raid in the Belgorod region of Russia, marking the first invasion into Russian land since World War II.


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Moscow officials have since voiced deep concern over the armed incursion, which has forced civilians to flee.

Civilian evacuations are still underway in some regions of Belgorod as Russia scrambles to address the incursions on their border.

But the rag-tag band of pro-Ukrainian Russian nationals have proved to be a force to be reckoned with – and claimed a decent sized portion of Russian territory as their own.

Despite the advances from partisan fighters, Russia released a statement claiming its military had killed "1500 servicemen" and destroyed "100 armoured vehicles" – a claim which Prigozhin has said is farce.

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He said: "To destroy one and a half thousand people, it must be such a massacre, within one day, over 150 kilometres (90 miles), one hell of a massacre.

"Therefore, I think that these are just some wild fantasies."

As Prigozhin continues to attack Russia's defence strategies, Putin's forces have struggled to address the incursion on their borders as the conflict persists in Belgorod.

Last month, humiliating footage showed two of Putin's pilots bombing a target inside of Belgorod and missing.

The pair of Su-34s – Russia's most advanced ground attack jets – swooped low to strike the partisan fighters.

Putin's pilots were apparently so terrified of air defence missiles that they flew in just over the rooftops despite being on Russian territory.

And one of the jets is seen releasing decoy flares to defend against heat-seeking rockets.

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