Pregnant woman, 27, demands new council house for her and disabled mum as theirs is coated in 'disgusting' mould

A HEAVILY pregnant woman is demanding that she and her disabled mum are moved into a new home – because their council house is infested with mould.

Shannon Gunnell, 27, who is 34 weeks pregnant and lives in the two-bedroom bungalow with mum Natasha says it is in a "disgusting" condition.

And she's demanded a move – saying she's worried about their health and that of her unborn baby girl.

Shannon, who has lived in the property in Kidderminster, Worcs., for two years, said: "It's absolutely horrendous.

"I have never lived in a place like this before – I hate it.

"The floor has gone yellow, the furniture has gone mouldy, the wallpaper is coming off.

"I think it's absolutely disgusting. It's made my chest bad and my mum's. Now my chest whistles.

"It's gotten worse and worse. It's stressful because of the baby. I'm stressed over my mum's health and mental health.

"I'd be happy if they just moved us. We've gotten a lot of grief since we've lived here.

"There's no way you can bring a baby up in here and be happy. There's not a chance. We've had enough."

Her mum Natasha Gunnell, 48, suffers from fibromyalgia syndrome, a long term condition causing all over body pain, and has mental health issues.

There's no way you can bring a baby up in here and be happy. There's not a chance.

She said: "I'm worried about my daughter's health and the baby's.

"It's getting to the point where I just can't cope. I feel depressed.

"You can smell it – it's affected our chests. I don't want to be here – I hate the place.

"I can't even use my laptop because it's covered in green mould. God only knows what we're breathing in.

"We have to be moved into a safer property but all our attempts at asking for help go unanswered.

"They housing group say they want us to stay in the property while they carry the work out but I just don't believe it will sort the mould out.

"The infestation is just too far gone and we're going to have a baby here soon. We need to be moved into somewhere far safer."

The property is provided by The Community Housing Group.

Chief executive Matt Cooney said: "We have identified the repairs needed to Miss Gunnell's home which will alleviate the issues she is facing but unfortunately, Miss Gunnell has refused to have the work carried out and said she would prefer to pursue her application for rehousing.

"We do sympathise with the situation she is facing and have been working with her to make sure she is in the best position to bid for any available and suitable homes.

"In the meantime, we will continue to support her application and continue to keep her informed of our progress."

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