Our town centre is full of trendy shops and bars – but it's ruined by swarms of huge rats that roam in packs | The Sun

TERRIFIED residents say their area used to be trendy but has now been ruined by swarms of huge rats roaming in packs

Angry locals in South London said the "pigeon-hunting" rodents have taken over and have slammed the council for not cleaning.

Long-standing neighbours in Camberwell Green were once proud of their town centre – known for its cool bars and aesthetic shops.

But the area has lost its charm after parks have turned into hot spots for rodents infestations.

Local Cassie Graham, 32, who regularly walks around the area, said: “I don’t like the rats. I see them all the time and it’s not really hygienic.

"I don’t know where the rats are coming from, but they’re quite big. I usually see about five of them together."

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People have spotted the swarms of rats roaming free and chasing pigeons around overflowing bin bags.

Fellow resident, Ariana, 29, added: “ It’s not very family friendly.

 “I’ve not seen any but I do know people who’ve been reporting rats.

"They’re on the scene and that’s a very uncomfortable thing to have to come to grips with [in order] to sit on the Green and have a nice time.”

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Petrified residents are now begging Southwark Council to take actionas the filthy animals are scaring people away from the neighbourhood.

Ms Graham slammed: "The council should do something about them. I don’t think it’s good for people to be lying on the grass with them”

However other residents disagree and claimed the area is still a "lovely place to live" after some green areas have been cleaned.

Local Janet Emmanuel, 60, said the said: “It’s quite nice now and they have a farmer’s market at the weekend that’s really lovely."

However, the situation has gone from bad to worse after the decaying area became an attractive to youth gangs and drug dealers.

Ms Emmanuel added: “There’s really not much here for shopping. It’s a bit of a pass-through and you only get those who are homeless or down on their luck hanging around and drinking.

“I don’t know if I would be coming through here at 1 o’clock in the morning.”

The Metropolitan Police reported that Camberwell Greeen is now a crime hotspot – with more than 200 offences reported in June 2023.

Residents feel intimidated by youth gangs who have now "claimed the area theirs".

They said the council hasn't taken action against these "violent groups".

Another man living in the area explained: “No one can talk to them. They are too aggressive.

"They want a fight with anyone who tries to talk to them and are abusive.

"The council and police should do something about it. They need to find a way to prevent this type of thing.”

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