Nurses sing dying coronavirus patient's favourite song to her

Nurses sing dying coronavirus victim, 69, her favourite song The Sound Of Music to help her as she takes her final breaths

  • Brenda Evans died at Salford Royal Hospital on Thursday with sister by her side
  • Hospital is allowing one visitor in special circumstances but banning all others
  • Nurses on ward asked Mrs Evans what her favourite song was and they sang it 

Nurses sang a dying coronavirus patient’s favourite song while she said her final goodbyes and took her last breath.

Brenda Evans, 69, died at Salford Royal Hospital on Thursday after testing positive for the deadly infection. 

As the nurses on her ward tried to prepare her for the end, they asked her what her favourite song was. 

Mrs Evans, who suffered from underlying health conditions, told them she loved The Sound of Music from the 1965 hit musical, so they played it for her and began to sing along.

Her sister Linda, who was allowed a short goodbye under exceptional circumstances, sung along too and she peacefully passed away. 

Brenda Evan’s daughter Lisa Matthews (pictured) revealed how nurses sang to her as she took her final breaths 

NHS hospitals across the country have banned visitors to help stem the spread of the virus.

Salford Royal are letting one visitor see coronavirus patients in some special circumstances.

Mrs Evan’s niece Lisa Matthews, from Manchester, paid tribute to the nurses on Facebook.

She wrote: ‘As the nurses were helping calm down Brenda’s breathing they asked my mum what was Brenda’s favourite song. Mum told them it was The Sound of Music’.

Brenda Evans, 69, died at Salford Royal Hospital (pictured) on Thursday after testing positive for coronavirus

Nurses at Salford Royal put on The Sound of Music from the 1965 musical (Julie Andrews pictured in the film) 

‘Then when mum began comforting her sister, the nurses began to play The Sound of Music for Brenda to help her in her final breaths.

‘As mum looked on, each of the nurses began to join in with the words and sang along to the song around Brenda’s bed, so mum joined in and sang along too.

‘She said it was so lovely of them and as the song played Brenda then settled and passed away peacefully.’

Mrs Evans’ family said she ‘was not strong enough’ to fight the virus after suffering a number of underlying health issues.

Mrs Matthews said she wrote the social media post ‘to share our story about the special NHS nurses from Salford Royal Hospital’. 

Her niece Lisa Matthews paid tribute to the nurses at Salford Royal on Facebook 

She added: ‘It’s the sadness and heartache that we couldn’t be there to be with our auntie in her last hours but not being able to hug and comfort our mum too is breaking our hearts.

‘But knowing she had the support from the nurses being there with her and knowing her sister was in the best care made it so special.

‘We thank all the NHS staff throughout the country but we say a very special thank you to the nurses on ward L6 at Salford Royal Hospital

‘You will be always remembered in our hearts for the special care you gave our auntie.’

Today Britain’s coronavirus death toll increased by 403 victims to 5,368, with 47,806 confirmed cases nationwide.   

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