Nurse’s life-saving stem cell transplant leaves her with an addiction to Monster Munch – just like her donor – The Sun

A NURSE’s life-saving stem cell transplant caused her to inherit her donor’s addiction for pickled onion flavour Monster Munch.

Claire Stewart, 49, had never tasted the snack before the treatment but as she recovered she developed cravings for it.

She started sending bemused husband David out to buy as many bags as he could.

She said: “He thought it might be a passing urge like you get when you’re pregnant, but those crisps became my favourite food.

“I’d never eaten them before. I preferred chocolate!”

The mystery was solved when she met donor Keely Jackson, 37, whose bone marrow was matched with hers by charity Anthony Nolan.

Claire, of Middlesbrough, who needed a transplant to treat a rare blood cancer, gave nurse Keely thank you gifts — and a pack of Monster Munch.

Claire said: “Keely gave me the strangest look like I was playing some trick on her.

“She told me she’d always been a secret pickled onion Monster Munch addict.

“I’d seemingly inherited this peculiar obsession from someone whose DNA I now share.”

Keely, from Wakefield, West Yorks, said: “I’ve got a Monster Munch friend for life!”

Rebecca Pritchard, of Anthony Nolan, said: “From time to time, recipients do report developing tastes shared with their donor.”

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