New Rochelle Costco calls cops to help control chaotic crowds

Cops were called to a Costco Wholesale warehouse in New Rochelle Saturday when a crowd of impatient shoppers got out of control.

Hundreds of shoppers who lined up outside the Costco wanted the doors open so they could begin shopping at 8 a.m. — but it took workers an extra half hour to open.

Furious shoppers began chanting and erupted into “total chaos,” as one shopper described it.

“I thought I was going to get trampled by shoppers, and it seemed like they were giving food away the way the customers acted, until cops and workers brought it under control,” said a resident named Jose, who did not provide his last name.

Workers used wooden pallets to create lines and order — letting only a certain number of the restless shoppers in at a time, as required by orders from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“It got dangerous for a while, but then was brought under control,” Jose said.

The Westchester city was an early hotbed for COVID-19 clusters — and three county residents have since filed a class-action lawsuit in nearby White Plains against the World Health Organization, claiming the agency covered up the coronavirus pandemic.

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