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A LANDLORD has claimed they're going crazy after their tenant pulled a cheeky protest – leading them towards a meltdown.

The Aussie landlord posted their dilemma on Facebook, claiming their tenant has deliberately been underpaying rent by 1 cent each week.

The rent for the property is $1200 (£643) per week, but the cheeky renter has apparently been only paying $1199.99 per week – angering the landlord.

The landlord explained: "The property is a three bedder that my family used to reside in but that we’ve rented out for the last four years.

“I rent direct to him and there have not been any major issues in the past.

"I know it is deliberate because he used to p ay the full amount. I let it slide the first few times, but my wife suggest I send him an email. I got this back."


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The renter replied to the landlord's email complaining about the 1 cent difference each week, claiming they were in fact following the rules.

The tenant said: "I applied the rules on the ACCC website which clearly state that the amount is rounded to the $1200 due and as such I consider the rent to be paid on time and in full.

"I suggest that you do not contact me about this again."

After the email, the tenant even reminded their landlord about a few issues ongoing with their rental.

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The encounter has gone viral on Facebook, and many are torn as to who is in the right.

One user said the landlord needed to "get a grip", as 52 cents a year lost is not "going to break the bank".

Another said the renter's actions were laughable, but unwise as they are putting their rental history at risk.

The landlord has said he won't be renewing the lease with his tenant due to these petty actions.

Another flat in Melbourne has raised eyebrows after being compared to a prison cell.

The drab studio flat in Melbourne, Australia, features white brick walls and dark grey flooring.

The listing was posted on Facebook marketplace by someone looking to transfer their lease.

While they boast the flat is within "walking distance to everywhere", future tenants will have to fork out $3 (£1.60) each time they use the shared washing machine.

But social media users were horrified by the prospect of living there for £750 a month, describing it as "something out of a horror movie".

One Reddit user commented: "Is it better to just go to prison? At least no need to pay rent?"

Another added: "I think we have nicer prisons, to be quite honest."

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Others who have visited the building the apartment is in branded it "horrible".

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