Mom ‘stuffs baby in a BAG with umbilical cord still attached and leaves newborn on stranger’s porch’ – The Sun

A 28-YEAR-old woman stuffed her newborn in a bag – with the umbilical cord still attached – and left the baby on a stranger's front porch, cops say.

It is alleged that Maria Piaz-Perez was seen leaving a package outside a home in Omaha, Nebraska on Monday just before noon.

“I wasn’t sure it was a baby, so I called the police," resident Vicent Cruz told TV station WOWT.

Paramedics opened the package and found the baby covered in blood, and the umbilical cord was still there.

“I wonder, 'Who did that at my house?' Cruz told WOWT.

"If I know the person, I would like to talk to them – there are many options."

He added that "we were afraid because it was a suspicious package, and it was moving."

The infant was wrapped in a sweater, according to the TV station.

Cops would release surveillance video after the suspect "was seen getting into the passenger seat of what is believed to be a black 2 door Pontiac, possibly G5 model, with dark tinted windows."

Piaz-Perez was later taken into custody.

Cruz said he was watching TV with his wife when the bizarre set of events unfolded.

“When I realized it was a baby, it broke my heart," Cruz told the station.

“Who did that? Why? What’s going on? What happened with the mom?

"I hope that she is OK and looking for help."

Piaz-Perez was booked for child abuse and abandonment.

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