'Modern-day Hitler' Kim Jong-un knows he can bully ‘weak’ Biden and will NEVER stop building nukes, warns defector

KIM Jong-un is a “modern day Hitler” who will never stop developing nukes as he thinks the US is weak and he can bully them, a North Korean defector has warned.

Yeonmi Park, 27, paid human traffickers to smuggle her out of the hellhole country in 2007 after her cancer-stricken dad was thrown in one of the ruthless regime's concentration camps.

Yeonmi told The Sun Online that the Kim “doesn't see America as strong, at all” and will continue to do “whatever he wants” as long as China backs him.

And she says the tyrant thinks he can continue to "bully" the US under President Joe Biden, just as his family have done for decades.

"He knows he can bully America, he can bully anyone he wants because China is supporting him and China," he said.

"North Korea is never going to stop buildingtheir weaponry. They know America will never do anything to stop them.

"They haven't for the last 75 years and they've let North Korea bully them."

Now an activist living in the US, the 27-year-old speaks against the horrors of Kim's evil regime which was accused by the UN of carrying out atrocities “strikingly similar” to Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Yet, despite the agency's damning 2014 report and international sanctions, the dictator continues to develop nuclear weaponry and even launched a series of missiles last month.

It comes as it was warned in a report by think tank Rand Corp that Kim's nuclear arsenal could have ballooned to 240 nukes capable of killing millions.

The report urged Seoul and Washington to look into options such as dedicating US strategic nuclear weapons to targeting the North.

The UN compared the regime to Hitler – yet now everyone wants to have a negotiation with Hitler

Yeonmi told The Sun Online: “Diplomacy has never solved this problem. Every US President comes up with the same plan and North Korea's threat has been growing ever more.

“The UN compared the regime to Hitler – yet now everyone wants to have a negotiation with Hitler.

“China enables North Korea to do all the inhumane things. The problem is China. The enabler of Kim Jong-un is China.”

Yeonmi says that Beijing's official line that it backs North Korea because it doesn't want millions of refugees flooding its border is a LIE.

She claims China's Communist Party uses the missile-wielding rogue state as a weapon in negotiations with the West.

“North Korea is a tool for China to get concessions from America. If America wants to deal with Kim, they know they have to talk to the Chinese,” she says.

“If America wants to talk to North Korea, then China can say 'ok, but only if you lift some sanctions for us'."

The human rights activist points to South Korea's constitution which states that every North Korean can become a citizen.


YEONMI Park grew up in North Korea during the 1990s after the country’s old backers the Soviet Union collapsed – sparking a deadly famine which kills millions.

She told The Sun Online that seeing the corpses of people who had starved to death in the street was part of “everyday life.”

The 27-year-old said she was regularly forced to watch people being executed including her best friend's mum who was killed for watching a western movie.

She says the regime sees public executions as "very good education" for young children.

“It teaches them to fear the the Kim dynasty from a young age”, she added.

She explained how children are made to sit at the front of the state-sanctioned killings because they are shorter than the adults.

Yeonmi says when she was younger she was told that dictator Kim Jong-il could read her mind.

She said: “North Korea is a religion. We are told that Kim is a god and that he knows what you are thinking and how many hairs are on your head.

"It is the only country which talks about 'thought crime' – even thinking is a crime."

Describing how little the country's people are told about the outside world, she said: “Most North Korean people have never seen a map of the world.

“They don't even know that the internet exists. They don't even have electricity.

"I didn't know what Africa and Europe was. I didn't know what different races were. We are told the calendar begins when the first king was born.

"We are told that we are part of the Kim Il-sung race. I didn't even know I was Asian."

She adds: “North Koreans don't want to go to China. We can't even speak their language.”

But what is the solution to the problem which has been raging since the end of the Korean War in 1953?

Yeonmi says the entire world needs to stand up against China and sanction it until it abandons its support for North Korea.

She said: “The world needs to come together and talk about China's role in sponsoring the North Korean dictatorship.

“Without the Chinese Communist Party, Kim Jong-un cannot last even one day.

“North Korean doesn't even have oil or jet fuel – if China didn't give this to them, how are they going to test missiles?

North Korea fired a series of short-range ballistic rockets into the Sea of Japan during a terrifying weapons test in March – the first of their kind since US President Joe Biden took over the White House.

The White House has said North Korea has avoided engaging in talks with the US since Biden's took office on January 20.

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