Margarita delivery services hit NYC to get us through coronavirus

Lockdown just got a lot lusher.

Tanteo Tequila and The Wayland bar in the East Village are launching a new margarita delivery service — and will give part of the proceeds to the devastated hospitality industry.

The $99 packages, sold on CocktailsInMotion, include a 750ml bottle of Tanteo Tequila expression (Blanco, Jalapeno, or Chipotle for week one), Artisanal Margarita Mix (kale + ginger, hibiscus grapefruit, and mango passionfruit), dehydrated fruit wheel garnishes and Mexican Street Papas.

The tequila company assures us that the price averages out to $7 a margarita.

Some of the cash will go to The Lee Initiative, which provides free meals and essential household supplies to furloughed hospitality workers in the city and nationwide.

Orders are being taken now for next Saturday, April 18. The service is available in Manhattan below 96th Street and in Brooklyn, from Greenpoint to Park Slope.

If margaritas aren’t your thing (or you live in Queens), Torch & Crown Brewing Company is delivering its beer selection, including the latest, Magnetic Energy Pale Ale, to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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