Indianapolis FedEx shooting victim 'tried to stop hooded gunman' before being killed, witness claims

A HEROIC man pulled out his own gun and tried to stop the Indianapolis shooter before he was shot dead in the parking lot, a witness has claimed.

Eight people were shot dead at a FedEx building last night after the lone suspect opened fire during a night shift change.

Officers were called to the "active shooter incident" at 11pm after reports of shots being fired at the FedEx site on Mirabel Road.

Levi Miller, who works at the plant in Plainfield just outside Indianapolis, was on a break with his co-worker when he heard gunshots and screams in the parking lot.

"My friend at the time witnessed a man who was not part of the incident but also pulled out a gun from his truck to try and engage the shooter and he died because of it," Miller told NBC’s "Today" show.

"I see a man, a hooded figure… the man did have an AR in his hand, and he started shouting and then he started firing at random directions," he said.

Terrified victims revealed how the crazed gunman sent bullets flying into parked cars while FedEx workers said they were forced to dive beneath conveyor belts to hide.

Levi's friend, who did not provide his name, confirmed he saw the man going into the trunk of a car and pulling out a gun.

"I opened my chips, got my sandwich, was about to take a bite… then we heard two loud metal clangs. They didn't sound like gunshots at first," he told WRTV.

"There was a loud clang after the first two and then my buddy Levi stood up and looked over and out into the parking lot and he hadn't seen anything yet.

"Then we heard three most shots, and then my buddy Levi saw someone running out of the building and then more shots went off.

"Somebody went behind their car to the trunk and got another gun, and then I saw one body on the floor."

Employee Jeremiah Miller said he was was within feet of the attacker inside the building.

He told WISH: "I saw a man with a submachine gun of some sort, an automatic rifle, and he was firing in the open. 

"I immediately ducked down and got scared and my friend's mother, she came in and told us to get inside the car."

Cops confirmed the suspect "came into the parking lot, exited his vehicle and quickly began shooting."

It was also confirmed that "it wasn't precipitated by an argument or disturbance".

Indianapolis police spokesperson Genae Cook confirmed eight people were found dead at the scene after the massacre.

Officers were met with a scene of horror as they searched the warehouse for survivors with bloody bodies strewn across the floor.

"Today it is very heartbreaking and, you know, in the Annapolis Metro Police Department, the officers responded, they came in, they went in and they did their job," Cook told reporters this morning.

"And a lot of them are trying to face this because this is a sight that no one should ever have to see."

In police dispatch audio published by Heavy, the gunman was described as a "white male wearing a hat" or hoodie and carrying a rifle type weapon. 

The suspect was found dead after shooting himself in the head about 10 to 15 minutes after cops were first called to the bloodbath.

The shocking police audio reveals the moment cops discovered multiple casualties scattered around the building and in the parking lot.

"We have the suspect here inside it looks like. Looks like he has a gunshot wound to the head. Two rifles here," an officer said in the audio.

Cops later confirmed the suspect had a .223 rifle, according to the audio.

At least one rifle was confirmed, with police looking into reports of a second weapon.

However, according to the initial dispatcher call, police believed there were two rifles.

At least four people were rushed to hospital – including one person with critical injuries, Cook confirmed.

No officers were injured in the shooting, Cook confirmed.

She said officers are still working to identify the shooter, adding: "This is going to go long into the morning."

She said it was too early to tell whether the shooter was a FedEx employee.

"We're still trying to ascertain the exact reason and cause for this incident," Cook said.

A FedEx spokesperson said: "We are aware of the tragic shooting at our FedEx Ground facility near the Indianapolis airport.

"Safety is our top priority, and our thoughts are with all those who are affected.

"We are working to gather more information and are cooperating with investigating authorities."

US Congressman Andre Carson, a representative for Indiana, said: "I am heartbroken by the mass shooting at the FedEx facility here in Indianapolis and praying for all affected by this tragedy.

"I am communicating with local authorities to get all details of the attack and my office stands ready to help everyone affected in any way we can."

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