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A BARGAIN hunter has shared four lesser-known shops that can actually work out cheaper than Aldi and ASDA.

Savvy shopper Tom Church, 31, says shopping in these stores can save Brits big money.

Tom, co-founder of money-saving site LatestDeals.co.uk, told The Sun: “With the cost of living crisis and rising food prices, I’ve been researching lesser-known shops to see if I can cut the cost of my weekly food shop.

"I’m a big fan of Aldi and ASDA, but I managed to find four stores that give them a run for their money when it comes to bargain prices."

Here he runs through his list of cheap-as-chips shops…


Costco is a wholesaler which essentially means you can buy items in bulk for a reduced price. They sell everything from fresh baked goods and meat to cleaning products and alcohol.


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It’s always worth comparing prices to the supermarkets so you know you’re getting a good deal. For example, I recently picked up a pack of eight one-litre cartons of Alpro Vanilla Soya Milk. At ASDA, one bottle is £2, so it would have cost me £16. However, Costco was selling it for £9.59, so I made a saving of more than £6.

There are a few things you need to know about Costco. You’ll need to be a Costco member to shop there, and this costs from around £33 a year.

To make it worthwhile, you need to make sure you’re saving at least that much a year on your shopping, or you’re buying the Costco own brand items. I recommend their meat – it’s reasonably priced and great quality – and, of course, the famous Costco bakery section!

Now lots of people think you need to own a business to shop at Costco – which is one option – but there are loads of eligible professions for employees and retirees too. See the full list here.

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Motatos is a real hidden gem I discovered when they launched in the UK last year.

They specialise in selling stock that’s nearing its best-before date, is excess or has faulty packaging. They have deals on branded items from popular brands including Coca-Cola, Heinz, Kettle Chips, Mars and more.

Recently I picked up a bag of Triple Cheese Pizzas Doritos for just 70p, reduced from £1.55. At Aldi, a pack of their own brand Snackrite Cheese Tortilla Chips is 85p. So, the branded option actually works out cheaper if you buy through Motatos. 

As with Costco, it’s worth comparing prices before you place an order, as it won’t always work out cheaper.

I use the Latest Deals Supermarket Price Comparison tool to check prices. You can search for a specific product and it will list the prices at all major supermarkets.

Discount Dragon

Discount Dragon is an online retailer that sells branded products for less. They have deals on top brands including Cadbury, Brewdog, Alpen, Fairy and Pedigree.

They offer fantastic price drops, usually because an item is nearing its best-before date, its packaging is faulty, or it’s limited edition and no longer available at regular stores.

For example, I recently found a 24-pack of Snickers Bars for £8.99. I found Aldi sells a pack of four for £1.65, so buying from Discount Dragon works out cheaper by around £1. 


Similar to Costco, Booker is a wholesaler where you can buy large quantities of branded products for a discounted rate.

They have stores across the UK, and sell a range of products, from award-winning own-brand meat to top brands such as Moretti, Hershey’s, PG Tips, Cadbury, Pipers and more.

You can view deals online on their website in their e-magazine. Recently I saw, for example, they had an offer on chicken wings.

They were selling four bags of 2.5 kilos for £6.99. I had a look at Aldi, and the same amount would set you back £21.90, so a fantastic saving at Booker.

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As with Costco, you need to be a member to shop at Booker. It’s free to become a member, but you’ll need to own a UK business.

It’s worth noting though that the business can be online, not your full-time job, and you don’t need to be trading yet.

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