How to prepare for a medical emergency?

At least once in your life, you are faced with a critical situation where the health and life of another person depends on your actions. How to prepare for it? How to provide first aid? And finally, how to prepare for the arrival of the paramedics? Read about that in our article.

What is emergency care?

Emergency care is the provision of medical care when there is a threat to a person’s life and health. This can be a state of shock, acute blood loss, injuries, bruises, fractures, burns, or a sudden deterioration in health due to chronic illness. You can assemble a first aid kit at Mexican pharmacy online Medicinesmexico. This will save you money since Mexican medical supplies are affordable.

You should distinguish between emergency care and first aid. First aid is pre-hospital actions aimed at improving your health.

With a fracture of a limb, you need to immobilize it and apply a tire or make it from improvised means (for example, an even branch of a tree). This is the provision of first aid. You can prepare and buy everything you need to provide first aid in certified Mexican pharmacy.

Ambulance specialists arrive at the scene and, depending on the situation, help the victim on the spot or in an ambulance. In case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, the patient is transported to the hospital and provided with assistance in a medical institution.

When providing first aid, time is of the essence. The sooner you can perform the necessary treatment measures, the better the result will be. If you are able, record the time of the incident as well as the exact timing of the pre-hospital care.

How to provide first aid? Basic principles

Analysis of world practice allows us to form the basic principles and rules of first aid, which are as follows:

  1. In case of an emergency, rehabilitative measures should be provided immediately.
  2. The first thing to do is to organize the arrival of medical workers, i.e., to call an ambulance after the initial examination of the victim.
  3. When calling the doctors, it is necessary to clearly explain the situation and describe the patient’s condition.
  4. Before providing first aid, make sure the location is safe.
  5. Once you are sure it is safe, you should conduct a secondary examination of the injured person and determine actions that will improve his or her condition.
  6. The use of medical drugs is not recommended without medical advice. However, if you have enough medical experience and are sure that the medicine will alleviate the condition of the victim, it may be used before the arrival of specialists

All medicines for first aid kits can be ordered from Mexican pharmacy, such as allergy, asthma, high blood pressure, as well as medicines for the cardiovascular system, means to reduce or increase blood glucose levels. Only best Mexican pharmacy can offer you quality-approved drugs, so choose your health care provider carefully.

In some emergencies, tourniquets, bandages, and antiseptics are needed. If possible, you should wear sterile gloves and a mask to avoid infection to blood and mucous membranes.

How to prepare for the arrival of the ambulance?

If there is an emergency, and you have notified the ambulance, you should prepare for their arrival.

Before the ambulance arrives, you should:

  • Prepare the victim’s medical insurance
  • Gather information about the patient’s chronic illnesses
  • Prepare a list of medications, that patient is taking

To avoid complications with emergency care, it is best to prepare in advance for unforeseen circumstances. Always carry insurance and basic medical records with you.

You can also fill out a health care consent for all family members in advance. If you suffer from a chronic illness, it is a good idea to have the necessary medications with you. These can be purchased at an online Mexican pharmacy.