Former school of disgraced teacher slams his 'unexpected' behaviour

Former school of disgraced teacher, 55, who took students to a strip club, drank alcohol with underage pupils and exposed himself to his female colleague during foreign school trip slams his behaviour as ‘unexpected and unprofessional’

  • Richard Glenn, 55, got drunk on a school trip and took students to a strip club 
  • He also exposed himself to the female trip leader during 2019 Costa Rica visit
  • Longridge Towers independent school slammed his ‘unprofessional behaviour’
  • The father-of-two was banned from the classroom indefinitely after a hearing 

The former school of a disgraced teacher sacked after taking his pupils to a strip club in Costa Rica has slammed his ‘unexpected, unprofessional behaviour.’

Richard Glenn, 55, was six days into a three-week trip in 2019 when he was sent home for getting drunk with students aged between 16 and 18 and taking them to a seedy bar.

The married father-of-two also exposed himself to the female trip leader in their shared hotel room on the trip.

Richard Glenn (pictured) claimed at a hearing to have been ‘mentally unwell’ at the time, while he had battled issues with alcohol

This week he was banned from teaching indefinitely following a Teaching Regulation Agency hearing and now £9,800-a-term Longridge Towers independent school near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, say they welcome their findings.

A spokesman said: ‘We remain deeply saddened by the unexpected, unprofessional behaviour of this former staff member which occurred on a school trip in July 2019. As a caring and close school community, we regret that this matter occurred whilst pupils were under our care.

The teacher was in charge of a group of 1students when he got drunk and took them to a strip club. Pictured, Longridge Towers

‘As soon as the School was informed about an alleged incident overseas, we arranged for the member of staff involved to leave the expedition immediately. Our utmost priority was to support our pupils and ensure their safety.’

‘We liaised with the organising company, the trip leader and the parents of the pupils on the trip, to ensure appropriate measures were identified and put in place so that the trip could continue as planned.

‘We arranged for an experienced team leader from the expedition to join the group. With the team leader in place, we continued to care for and support our pupils for the duration of the trip until they returned home.’

The students were on a tour of Costa Rica in Central America when their teacher got drunk and took them to a strip club

The professional misconduct hearing had been told during one drinking session he told a student ‘I’m going to kick your f****ing head in’, and added to another ‘I’m going to f****ing kill you’.

He was too drunk to remember the threats the next morning the hearing was told.

Glenn admitted unacceptable professional behaviour and conduct that may bring teaching into disrepute and was banned from the classroom indefinitely and cannot apply to teach again for three years.

That panel heard how his behaviour, which he apologised for, had ended 12 years of unblemished service at the school.

As well as taking his students to a strip club, married Glenn also exposed himself to a female trip leader in their shared hotel room 

Addressing the meeting, he claimed to have been ‘mentally unwell’ at the time, while he had battled issues with alcohol.

He said: ‘I recognise that I caused upset and anguish to many people.

‘My family have also suffered as a result of my poor judgement, both financially, psychologically, emotionally.’

He has since got a new job away from teaching.

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