Cop slugs woman after another officer is attacked in Bronx fracas

An NYPD cop was caught on camera slugging a woman in the face amid the fracas after a Bronx cop was punched by a civilian on Tuesday, new footage shows.

The unidentified officer responded to the scene near 183rd Street and Davidson Avenue in University Heights after Nelson Jimenez, 31, allegedly sucker-punched another cop who was making an arrest.

When the officer arrived, 25-year-old Brandee Isom appeared to be interfering with the arrest and ignoring the cop’s orders to back up, according to video of the scuffle shared with The Post.

Isom and the cop then shove one another before the officer lands a right hook to her face, sending her reeling backward, according the video, which cuts off soon after the blow.

Sources previously told The Post that Isom also punched the officer in the head. She was arrested and charged with assault and obstructing governmental administration, sources said.

Isom’s father, Ralph Isom, said the cop should’ve arrested his daughter if he wanted to restrain her — not punch her in the face.

“They just needed to handcuffed her and not punch her in the face.  There were a million guys around, why didn’t he haul off and punch one of them?” he said.

“That was revenge right there,” he added. “That was payback for the guy who punched [the other cop].”

An NYPD rep said the cop punching a woman was justified.

“We are satisfied that any force used in the apprehension was appropriate. And any other force used was in response to attack,” said Sgt. Jessica McRorie. “This was an assault on police and to suggest otherwise is offensive. Period.”

On Wednesday, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea called the initial attack on the Bronx cop by Jimenez a “premeditated assault on a uniformed police officer.”

“Disturbing on many levels, what he should now receive is a conviction for a class D Felony and a lengthy sentence in State Prison. Period,” Shea wrote in a tweet.

Both Jimenez and Isom were awaiting arraignment in Bronx court Wednesday afternoon.

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