Britney Spears shares tiny sandwich tutorial, confuses fans

Britney Spears just continued her streak of cryptic Instagram posts with a cursed cooking tutorial that's left many fans with more confusion than cravings.

On Monday, the singer shared a video of herself making one of her favorite sandwiches, and she seemed pretty proud of her culinary skills.

"I did it guys …I recreated the meanest sandwich 🥪 known to mankind !!!! Now where’s my trophy 🏆 ????" she wrote in the caption.

The video starts with the 39-year-old explaining that she used to go to a place in New York City called Schlotzsky's. She then tells fans that one of the restaurant's sandwiches was "literally God to (her)."

"Fifteen years later, I'm still in search of a sandwich that tastes just like that. So this morning, I decided to get up and try to create a sandwich just like that for the summer," she says.

The funny thing is, there's a Schlotzsky's restaurant that seems to have two locations in Las Vegas, where Spears had a long-term concert residency, so many fans began to wonder why she never visited it while she was living there. But that's not the only thing that confused the singer's followers.

When you start watching the 90-second-clip, it's hard not to notice the grainy, old-timey filter the singer selected. At first it's oddly charming and lends a vintage vibe. But as the video goes on, it becomes more creepy than cute.

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During her sandwich tutorial, Spears lays out all the ingredients, including her favorite bread ("artisan ciabatta"), avocado, lettuce and shredded chicken and turkey. The "Matches" singer goes on to describe how the sandwich's unlikely combination of goat cheese and almonds creates "very, very good flavor" then shows her hand haphazardly chopping up the almonds with a knife.

Many fans couldn't help but notice that the "almonds" actually looked a lot like pecans, and Spears ended up correcting herself in the caption, writing "PS I meant pecans not almonds !!!!"

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While showing a bunch of the ingredients on a cutting board, Spears zoomed in on some "sheared pears" that oddly resembled fish.

"It looks like fish but it's not; it's very sweet and it adds a really different taste to the sandwich," she explains.

When all was said and done, Spears showed off the final product and cut herself a tiny piece of the sandwich to enjoy.

"A little goes a long way; you don't need a huge sandwich for the summertime. Something kind of small and a little French will do it for me," she says. "And voila! It's a beautiful little sandwich."

Flash forward to Tuesday, and Spears posted on Instagram again to discuss Schlotzsky's. After sharing her original video, she soon discovered that the restaurant is still around, and she seemed pretty stoked about it.

"THERE IS A GOD," she wrote. "Good news @schlotzskys STILL EXISTS folks … Life will be ok now …"

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