Anti-vaxxers trust Trump more than Fauci, think it’s safe to travel

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It’s going to be a long pandemic.

A shocking new poll from the Economist/YouGov shows 51 percent of Americans who do not plan to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are more likely to travel immediately than people who have been or plan to be vaccinated — and they trust former President Trump more than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

“Three in 10 Americans who have received at least one vaccinate shot (29%) believe it is safe for them to travel within the United States today,” according to the study published on YouGov.

“By contrast, half of the one in four Americans who reject the vaccine believe it is safe for them to venture out now.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now say it is safe for fully vaccinated Americans to travel.

Other conclusions from the survey include:

  • Half of those who reject vaccines (52%) also say it is safe for them today to socialize (compared to just 30% of all Americans). Another 45% say it is safe for them to go without a mask now. Just one in five Americans overall (21%) think it is safe to go maskless today.  
  • Only 21% of vaccine rejectors trust advice from the CDC, and just 13% trust medical advice from Dr. Fauci. 
  • For the most part, vaccine rejectors believe there is little risk to themselves from COVID-19. Half (51%) rarely (29%) or never (22%) wear a mask in public; just 29% are even somewhat worried they might contract COVID-19, and 41% are not worried at all. 

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