Amy Klobuchar hits out at ‘absolutely false’ claim she declined to prosecute cop who knelt on George Floyd’s neck – The Sun

SENATOR Amy Klobuchar slammed the "absolutely false" claim that she declined to prosecute the cop who knelt on George Floyd's neck.

The former Democratic presidential candidate defended herself during a Friday interview with MSNBC.

She said: "Yesterday when these reports came out about this officer, I was with our community and my number one focus the city that was burning.

"This idea that I somehow declined a case which has been reported on some news blocks and then set out on the internet against this officer is absolutely false.

"It is a lie. I don't know what else to say about it than it is a lie."

Klobuchar has been accused of failing to prosecute officer Derick Chauvin, along with other cops, in the death of man in October 2006.

She had been serving as a County Attorney of Hennepin County, Minnesota, at that time.

"The case was investigated… that investigation continued into a time where I was already sworn into the US Senate," Klobuchar added.

"I have never declined the case. It was handled and sent to the grand jury by my successor and he has said that his office had said that.

Earlier today, Olivia Nuzzi, a Washington Correspondent for New York Magazine, asked Klobuchar about her VP run as she gets slammed for not prosecuting Minnesota police.

It comes as:

  • President Donald Trump warned protesters ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ after another night of unrest
  • Minnesota prosecutors decried Floyd's arrest video but warned of "other evidence" against charging the cops involved
  • A man claimed he was viciously beaten in an alley by Tou Thao, one of four police officers involved in Floyd's death
  • Minnesota Gov Tim Walz activated the National Guard as the peaceful protests erupted in violence

Klobuchar said the allegations of her dropping out of the run for Joe Biden's Vice President are "are a bold faced lie.”

“Joe Biden will make a good decision on who should be the Vice President and as for the other matters, I think you better get the facts straight. I’m gonna be going on TV shortly so that you can get the facts.”

When asked if she felt the calls for her to drop out are unfair, Klobuchar said: “I am now going to go and meet with people about what’s happening in my city but I gave you an answer, and that’s that Joe Biden is gonna make the best decision for the country.”

She reportedly hung up immediately after her statement, Nuzzi wrote to Twitter on Friday.

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