Amazon deliveryman hits the ground THREE TIMES on a slippery porch

‘It’s gonna be a tough day’: Moment poor Amazon deliveryman falls over TWICE on the same slippery porch as he attempts to leave two packages

  • Surveillance video from the home dated Friday captured the man slipping and falling twice on nearly the same spot, and also staggering and lying down 
  • He writhes in apparent pain, cursing, moaning and laughing ruefully
  • An inhabitant of the home checks on him through the door, chuckling after he falls again 
  • ‘Might be broken. That’s your problem now,’ the deliveryman says as he finally drops off the packages 

A curse-happy Amazon deliveryman slipped and fell twice at the same porch Friday, declaring it was ‘gonna be a tough day.’

The delivery guy was stopping at a home to drop off two packages when his repeated pratfalls were captured on a surveillance video on the porch of a US home, dated October 23 and posted to Worldstarhiphop.

With a Prime van parked on the street, the hooded and masked man jogs up the driveway and steps on a concrete walkway leading to the porch. 

The moment it touches the pavement, his right foot streaks out, sending him to his hands and knees.   

In surveillance video dated October 23, an Amazon deliveryman slips and falls as he approaches a porch to drop off packages

After getting up from his hands and knees, the deliveryman mounts the porch and staggers to the ground, writhing and pain and moaning curses

He gets up, mounts the pumpkin-dotted porch, and declares himself ‘f*****g hurt.’ 

The deliveryman then staggers to the ground and lies on his back, writhing and moaning in pain.

‘F*****g s*** right from the start. Ow. Oh, f***,’ he yells, and then laughs ruefully. 

‘I need better shoes,’ he decides. ‘Ah f***. F*** it.’

A voice apparently coming from inside the home then asks after him.

After he gets up again, an inhabitant checks on him through the door to establish that the deliveryman is OK. ‘I’m good,’ he says.

It’s unclear why the Amazon worker descends the porch before dropping off the packages, but his premature exit results in a third fall

After slipping and falling twice and staggering to the ground once, the deliveryman finally drops off the two packages he’d come to deliver, warning that they ‘might be broken’

‘I’m good,’ he responds.

‘Did you fall?’ she asks. 

‘Yes ma’am,’ he says.

The Amazon worker then rises and picks up the two packages he’d dropped, plus a third one he’d set down.

It’s unclear at this point whether the deliveryman was hungry for more punishment or simply confused, as he proceeds off the porch before doing the one job he’d come to do.  

Planting his foot mere inches from the slick spot where he’d slipped not a minute before, the deliveryman falls again. 

His feet fly out, landing his rump on the concrete. He lies supine and draws a chuckle from the home’s inhabitant.

The delivery guy gets up a third time and finally does what he ostensibly had come to do, returning to the porch to leave the two padded envelopes.

‘Might be broken,’ he says as he drops them at the door. ‘That’s your problem now.’

After that, the third time’s the charm for the hapless deliveryman: On his way out, he successfully breaches the walkway without falling.

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