Almost ONE MILLION ‘film a entertainment employees out of work for the most part’ as COVID grinds Hollywood to a halt – The Sun

NEARLY one million film and entertainment employees are reportedly out of work as the coronavirus pandemic has put Hollywood on pause.

Film and entertainment representative Donna Langley revealed Tuesday that the industry’s 890,000 employees were "for the most part not working," according to a press release from LA County.

Speaking at LA County’s Economic Resiliency Task Force meeting, the industry rep also warned that the unemployment has also "trickled down to small business vendors."

Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger said Wednesday: “I understand the urgency to reopen and know many of the experts the County has assembled for this task force have been working hard to develop safe and efficient plans to revitalize their sectors as early as next month.

“I remain focused on working with industry leaders and health officials to safely make way for Los Angeles County to reopen by the Fourth of July.”

LA County officials announced Monday that a July 4 goal has been set for a “full or staged reopening” of retail businesses, restaurants and malls.

Thirteen industry representatives spoke at the task force's meeting and elaborated on how coronavirus impacted their sectors.

During the meeting it was reported that 80 percent of jobs in the restaurants/leisure/hospitality sector no longer exist.

A corporate business rep also discussed the "consequences of reopening delays and the dangers of long-lasting unemployment."

According to LAEDC president, Bill Allen, one million unemployment claims were filed in LA County since the start of the pandemic.

He said more than 75 percent of the projected job losses are people who were making, on average, less than $50,000 a year.

Supervisor Sheila Kuehl urged the "critical importance" of the public's cooperation with social distancing – in order to move forward with reopening.

"Our ability to meet our goal of reopening as fully as possible as quickly as possible is dependent on each and every resident of this county doing their part to protect their own health, the health of their family and their community,” Kuehl said.

The next LA County Economic Resiliency Task Force meeting will take place on June 2.

Starting on May 12, California allowed restaurants and shopping centers to reopen in counties that meet certain criteria.

California – which was the first state in the US to enforce stay-at-home orders – has reported nearly 84,000 cases and over 3,400 deaths from coronavirus.

As of Wednesday, all 50 states have started reopening – just two months after the coronavirus pandemic struck the US.

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