100,000 New Yorkers have coronavirus, death toll nears 3,000

ALBANY — The horrific toll the coronavirus pandemic is taking on the Empire State continued to climb Friday as the number of cases soared past 100,000 and officials reported the disease has claimed nearly 3,000 New Yorkers.

State officials reported that 2,935 people have died from the virus so far as of 12:00 a.m. Friday — an astonishing jump of 562 fatalities from the 2,373 reported just 24 hours earlier.

It’s the single biggest daily increase in the death toll since the crisis erupted in March, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters at the state Capitol on Friday.

Meanwhile, the number of cases of coronavirus across New York climbed to 102,863, meaning the state now accounts for 40 percent of all of the reported cases across the nation. Neighboring New Jersey, which has also been hard hit, reported 25,590 cases.

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