Who killed Dennis in EastEnders and how did he die?

Dramatic scenes will unfold in EastEnders tonight as Dotty will continue to blackmail Dennis Rickman’s killer who is intent on keeping their identity a secret.

As the day of the teenager’s funeral nears, Dennis’ grieving mother Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) will insist no Mitchell attends the service, after accusing Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) of causing his death.

Dennis tragically died on board the ill-fated boat party, which sunk to the Thames, after Phil and Keanu accidentally attacked the captain while fighting, causing the boat to steer into the dock.

Unbeknown to Sharon, however, it was someone else who let her son perish.

But who?

How did Dennis die?

In a harrowing episode to close out EastEnders’ 35th anniversary week, Dennis drowned despite Ian Beale’s (Adam Woodyatt) best efforts to save him from the sinking boat.

In previous scenes, Ian had locked Denny in a room below deck on the boat after following the teen to the party to try and get revenge on behalf of Bobby (Clay Milner Russell).

Dennis had posted information about Bobby online which led to the young Beale being hospitalised after an Islamophobic attack.


Even though it looked like Ian might leave Dennis to die after he dropped the keys to Denny’s freedom in the flooded hallway, Ian eventually did free the teen.

However, it seemed the fates were not on Dennis’ side, as he still ended up drowning in the Thames.

Sharon was left to mourn her eldest son’s death while at the same time dealing with the pressures of having a new baby – and all of this, 15 years after she lost Dennis Rickman, Dennis’ dad.

When asked why Dennis who was picked to be the casualty of the boat party, producer Jon Sen said: ‘When we discussed this – and it’s true of any soap or drama – you want consequence.

‘That is the main thing that comes out of the death we are seeing. It is where it goes, it’s the people who are left behind and the story that it generates. It is very well thought out.’

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One

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