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FOR weeks, contestants have been thrilling judges and viewers alike with a mix of creative and sometimes complex dishes on MasterChef.

And Sandy Tang has been just one of the contestants winning over viewers with her ambitious cooks. Here's more about her.

Who is Sandy Tang?

Sandy was born in Macau, an autonomous city on the south coast of China.

She was raised there until the age of 13, when she moved to the UK for school.

Sandy is now a technology consultant who lives in Reading.

The 24-year-old has hinted she is considering swapping the tech world for the kitchen to become a full time chef.

Is Sandy on MasterChef?

Yes, she is.

Sandy has impressed audiences and judges alike with her MasterChef dishes which have made her one of the frontrunners to win this year's series.

Her signature meal is Macanese chicken with chorizo, olives and coconut milk, served with egg-fried rice and garnished with bayleaf.

Sandy has knowledge of both Eastern and Western dishes, which has sure given her a solid advantage in the competition.

She has also spoken of how she would like to blend both cultures with the power of food.

Speaking to The Evening Express, she said: "With an equal understanding of Western and Eastern cuisine, I would like to introduce foreign cuisines to the public.

"I would like to show the people in China how to make a shepherd's pie or Szechuan spicy chicken for people in the UK."

She also spoke of how she would like to hone her craft to become a better chef.

"I would like to train properly in both France and Japan, then complete a food tour along the Silk Road starting from China for a year."

She hopes this will make her a "good" chef.

Sandy is the bookies' second favourite to win the competition with odds at 4/1.

When is MasterChef next on BBC One?

MasterChef 2020 continues tomorrow (April 8) on BBC One at 9pm.

It continues on April 9 at 7.30pm, before heading into finals where it airs on Wednesday, April 15, and Thursday, April 16, at 9pm.

The final goes out on Friday, April 17, at 7.30pm.

The current series is the show's 16th and consists of 24 episodes.

Fans can catch up with any episodes on BBC iPlayer.

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