Who are Bobby Ball's children?

THE world of comedy is mourning the death of a legend, Bobby Ball.

The pint-sized comedian has died aged 76, leaving behind his wife and children.

Who are Bobby Ball's children?

Bobby passed away on October 28, 2020 after contracting coronavirus.

His heartbroken wife Yvonne said: "I will always miss him, he was so joyful, full of fun and mischievous."

He and Yvonne had one daughter together, Joanne Ball, who was born in the early 70s.

Bobby also has two sons from his first marriage to Joan Lynn – Robert (born 1965) and Darren (born 1969).

What is Robert and Darren's joint comedy act?

Like their dad, Bobby's oldest children have also chosen comedy as a career.

They are a duo called The Harper Brothers – using their father's real surname.

They are well known on the comedy circuit.

Both Darren and Rob spent years working the circuit as solo performers before joining together in 2010.

The brothers posted a sweet tribute to their dad after he passed away.

The tweeted: "Heartbroken to say our Dad passed away last night.. proud to all him Dad, sleep well."

You can follow them on Twitter @harperbrothers.

Who is Joanne Ball?

Joanne is Bobby's only daughter.

Not much is known about her, as unlike her brothers, she hasn't persued a career in showbiz.

We do know that she has three children, and moved to live near her parents in Lytham in 2004.

How did Bobby Ball die?

Bobby died on October 28, 2020 after testing positive for coronavirus.

His manager revealed the star passed away at Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

Bobby was rushed to hospital after experiencing breathing problems.

He later tested positive for Covid-19 and died at approximately 9.30pm.

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