Where are Coronation Street's missing McDondald family? From shock exits to vicious social media spats

THE McDonalds burst onto Coronation Street in 1989.

Dad Jim, mum Liz and their twin sons Andy and Steve made an immediate impression on viewers and soon became fan favourites.

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While Steve has been in the show for 31 years, the rest of his family have ebbed away and now there’s just him and his children.

But where are the other McDonalds and what are they up to now?

Beverley Callard – Liz McDonald

Coronation Street fans were shocked in 2019 when Beverley Callard announced she was quitting the soap.

The actress has played Liz McDonald on and off since 1989 and was going to bow out in a dramatic storyline.

However then the pandemic came and a hip operation Beverley underwent went wrong and she had to leave the show early.

She was originally going to return to the soap for a goodbye storyline but this year decided against it and insisted she was done with the soap.

Since leaving she’s appeared on I’m A Celebrity, booked a national tour of The Thunder Girls and had a facelift to extend her acting career.

Nicholas Cochrane – Andy McDonald

The twin brother of Steve McDonald who escaped Weatherfield before the serial killers moved in, Andy was the quieter twin.

The actor was axed in 1997 after seven years in the show with bosses saying they couldn’t come up with storylines for him.

He has been living in Barcelona for years with actor Nicholas Cochrane making return guest appearances in 2000 and 2004.

His last appearance in the soap was in 2009.

He’s gone on to star in two short films and he made an appearance in rival soap Doctors.

Most of Nicholas’ success has come on the stage and he has been regularly performing on stage productions across the UK.

Shortly before the pandemic caused everything to halt, he was starring in The Cinder House.

Charlie Lawson – Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald was played by actor Charlie Lawson, so he was.

He was an armed robber, a domestic abuser and a bizarrely popular thug – and Liz eventually got rid and sent him packing.

However, just a few years ago he returned with a sick scheme to convince Liz that their baby daughter Katie – who died at birth – had actually lived in a horrible baby swap mistake.

It was all a lie and Jim’s vile behaviour saw him limping out of Weatherfield after Liz knocked him to the ground in front of Katie’s grave.

Actor Charlie went on to appear as John Rebus in stage play Long Shadows in Edinburgh but he suffered a stroke during one performance.

He has since recovered.

Now he’s better known for sparking conversation on social media with his views – and getting into the odd row.

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