When is the Venom 2 UK release date and who's in the cast?

AFTER the incredible success of Venom (2017) it was hardly a surprise that a sequel was quickly greenlighted by Marvel.

The dark Spiderman spin-off movie starring Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hardy made more money than Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool 2 at the box office.

When is the Venom 2 UK release date?

The release date in America is October 2, 2020.

However, Marvel have not yet announced the UK release date.

Who is in the cast?

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom

Tom Hardy will again play the titular character.

Eddie Brock is the host of an alien symbiote called Venom, who takes over his body at will.

Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady / Carnage

Woody Harrelson has confirmed that he will play Venom's arch-nemesis Carnage, who is also an alien symbiote.

Carnage takes over the body of Cletus Kasady.

Michelle Williams as Anne Weying

Michelle Williams will be once again playing Anne Weying, a district attorney and Eddie's ex-fiancée.

Weying is popular amongst fans of the show for being headstrong and independent.

Reid Scott as Dan Lewis

The Still Game actor plays Dan Lewis, a doctor and Anne's boyfriend.

Fans imagine there will be a lot of tension between Dan and Eddie in the movie, as Eddie still has feelings for Anne.

Naomie Harris as Shriek

James Bond star Naomie Harris will be playing Shriek, Kasady's love interest.


What will the movie be about?

Marvel has not yet given anything away about the plot of Venom 2.

We can only speculate that Venom will once again have to battle Carnage.

The movie series follows the story of Journalist Eddie Brock as he becomes infected with an alien symbiote after investigating the work and business-dealings of Dr. Carlton Drake.

After realising the symbiote, who refers to itself as Venom, possess sentience, Eddie strikes a deal with the creature sharing his body to only exercise its violent impulses on bad people.

Is there a trailer for Venom 2?

The official Venom 2 trailer has not been released yet.

However, we will update this article as soon as we know more.

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