Watch Joe Biden Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic on 'Kimmel'

Jimmy Kimmel has tapped several guests to appear virtually during his at-home “quarantine minilogues” and his latest is Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

Biden joined Kimmel via video chat from his home to discuss his campaign and the current COVID-19 pandemic. “With all that’s been going on over the past couple of weeks virus-wise I feel like we’ve almost forgotten about the presidential election,” Kimmel said, bringing Biden in around the 5:30 minute mark.

The pair don their baseball hats in honor of what was meant to be MLB opening day and talk about how they are each coping with self-quarantine. “I’m not officially quarantined, but I’m trying to follow the rules here,” Biden said. “I’m not going out. I’m keeping distance. We have folks who come in from the Secret Service, but they wear masks and gloves. We try to do it by the numbers.”

Kimmel asked Biden if he saw the video Trump tweeted of the former Vice President coughing, inquiring, “Do you think he’s worried about you?”

“I think he’s worried about my health, probably,” Biden replied, grinning. “He’s always concerned.”



Biden spoke about how he is passing his days during the pandemic and who he’s been meeting with to stay current with the events around the U.S. to “be helpful.” Part of those efforts have involved sending a potential plan to the president.

“The coronavirus is not his fault,” Biden said of Trump. “But the lack of alacrity, the speed with which he’s responding to these things, I think could be improved considerably. So I laid out, about two weeks, a detailed plan and I said, ‘I hope the president use it, takes a look at it. … For example, I called for the Defense Production Act to be used, to be implemented by the president.” He added, “He hasn’t done what it seems to me is rational to do.”

Kimmel also touched on Biden’s assertion that he will select a female running mate for his campaign, asking the vice president how many women he’s currently considering for the position.

“Well, we’re just getting started,” Biden replied. “I’m putting together the committee. I spoke with [former] President Obama about how he put together his committee and how many people he put together to determine it and what he was looking for in a vice president.” He added, “There will probably be somewhere in excess of five and seven people. But there’s a lot of qualified people out there.”


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