Towie's James Lock admits fears of having children with 'the wrong person' after Yazmin Oukhellou split

TOWIE'S James Lock has revealed his fears of having children with "the wrong person" after split from Yazmin Oukhellou.

The 34-year-old reality star opened up about his heartbreak to his best pal Pete Wicks in a clip from the show, which is set to air on Sunday.

The pair shared a heart to heart as they reunited on a camping trip.

While sat in front of a roaring fire, James admitted that although he loved Yaz, the pair simply weren't compatible. 

In an exclusive clip from The Mail, he said: "I'm single now you know. I want kids but I don't want to have them with the wrong person, as much as I had love for Yaz me and her wasn't compatible.

"She's a great girl, there's no problems, nothing happened but we don't complement each other as people. She's off doing her thing in Dubai so good luck to her."

Pete agreed: "The thing with Yaz is, because you both put so much into it, it's like you don't want to give up what you put into it but actually starting afresh… ain't a bad thing at all."

Meanwhile James caught on Pete's love life, telling him that he's aware of all the drama that he's been causing.

Pete replied: "It's all come from the night that I kissed Ella months and months agoand then everyone's got overexcited about it."

James backed his mate saying that people are always going to have opinions.

An annoyed Pete fumed: "But that's the thing, and I've got to the point now where I don't give a monkey."

James explained: "Yea but you say confusing things, you were saying to Gatsby the other day that you want this fairy tale ending."

Pete replied: "We all do, me and you have had this conversation so many times but what I've realised over the last couple of years is I've been trying to force that because I felt like I had to but I'm not ready."

James and Yaz called it quits back in February after they reportedly had a "huge row" while both in Dubai for a "work trip".

James told OK! from Dubai: “We’ve broken up. We tried to make it work and we really thought it was going to be different this time but things don’t always work out as you’d expect.

“I have a lot of love for Yaz and a huge amount of respect for her but we’re just better apart."

Yazmine added: "James and I have split up amicably. I love James but we're not good together.

"It couldn't go on the way it was so I told James we should end things and he agreed."

The couple have endured an on/off relationship since they started dating back in 2017.

The Towie couple had got back together last October after splitting in August 2019.

The pair reunited in Majorca last year nearly a year after their first split.

The Sun revealed at the time that Yazmin accused Lockie of "cheating" on her with a group of women in a hotel room in Turkey.

She originally begged James for the truth on "her hands and knees" before eventually telling us her story.

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