Three New Directors Welcome the Freedoms of Horror

The filmmakers Prano Bailey-Bond (“Censor”), S.K. Dale (“Till Death”) and Sean King O’Grady (“We Need to Do Something”) discuss the joys and the fears of having their first features be horror movies.

By Nadine Zylberberg

The horror genre has long been a space for cultivating creativity and pushing boundaries — often early in a filmmaker’s career. George A. Romero’s first feature “Night of the Living Dead” kicked off the modern zombie film genre, Robin Hardy’s name became synonymous with his cult classic, “The Wicker Man,” Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez shook the film industry with their bare-bones found-footage-style film, “The Blair Witch Project” and Jordan Peele spoke to the horrors of racism with his groundbreaking “Get Out.” This summer, a new trio of directors who chose the horror genre for their first features hope to make an impact.

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