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TRAUMA catches up with Amy Barlow this week and she finds a new dangerous way to unleash her anger.

Meanwhile, another Coronation Street youngster causes so much trouble, the adults could be tempted to get involved.

1. New killer in Weatherfield

Rape survivors are involved in a long-term, potentially lifelong, fight with their own trauma after their ordeal – and Amy Barlow will find it all out the hard way.

As ITV viewers will recall, the teen was raped by her pal Summer's former boyfriend Aaron during a drunken evening.

Although the assault was reported to the authorities, Aaron has been able to roam free around the cobbles for several weeks on end while Amy was spiralling, trying to come to terms with her attack.

Eventually, Aaron himself realised what he had done and left Weatherfield altogether.

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Despite his exit, Amy struggles to get back to a normal life.

Coming up, Amy bumps into Kate in the café and, after recognising her from the drop in session, invites her back to No.1 for a chat.

Pushing her coursework to one side, she assures Kate she’d like to help.

Later on, Amy makes placards for an anti-spiking march due to take place in the Street.

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Meanwhile, her father Steve MacDonald (Simon Gregson) confides in Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) how he’s worried about Amy and wishes she’d put the same focus into her degree.

As Amy, Summer, Evelyn and Cassie Plummer set off, Mason Radcliffe (Luca Toolan) and his cronies make disparaging remarks.

Amy loses it and goes to hit Mason with her placard but a police officer orders her to put it down.

To Summer’s horror, Amy argues with the officer before picking up a can of paint and spraying it all over the officer’s car.

Things spiral out of control when Amy is cuffed and arrested for criminal damage.

But in later scenes, Amy witholds the truth as she tells her parents Steve and Tracy (Kate Ford) that the march went well and she’s off to hand in her essay.

Amy assures her pal Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) that she’s learnt her lesson and she’ll look for other ways to make herself heard and is off home to do some coursework.

But after coming across Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne), and urging him to stand up to Mason and not be a victim, a steely Amy ditches her plans for an early night.

In a nightclub, Amy watches as a guy spikes a woman’s drink.

Amy charges over, knocks the drink out of her hand and leads her to the ladies’.

She explains to the woman that she was raped by a man like Dan and she’s trying to protect other women from the same fate and the stranger thanks her before leaving.

But rather than leaving herself and staying out of trouble, Amy approaches Dan and flirtily introduces herself.

Outspoken and dedicated to the causes she holds dear, Amy has been known to go above and beyond to make a point.

But could her rape trauma take over and lead her onto a path of crime?

Amy's vigilante work could turn more deadly as she tries to get revenge against dangerous men, mostly due to her not getting the justice she deserved for her own rape.

Speaking about the storyline to, Amy actress Elle Mulvaney teased tough times ahead for her character.

"Amy is setting out to catch men who are predators. She thinks there’s a lot of men who go out just to prey on drunk women, so she decides that she’s going to go out and see if she can catch anybody in the act."

"Also after listening to Kate, who was spiked at a club, she then decides that she’s going to go try and find out who did it basically. So she decides to go to the club and scan the room."

"She’s looking for anybody who’s a bit suspicious or anybody who she thinks might have an ulterior motive for being there and that’s when she spots Dan."

"Everything’s going to implode, because I think as Amy starts to realise that she actually hasn’t got her things together, she realises that she’s on a downward spiral and she doesn’t know how to stop it."

Who will give her the help she needs?

2. Shock split

While Amy will have to wait before she can finally piece her life back together, her parents could hit a wall after a shocking comment.

One viewer of the Manchester-based soap took to Reddit after hearing Amy's father Steve MacDonald vent about his marriage to Tracy Barlow during a conversation with Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine).

"On Monday's (November 6, 2023) episode Steve was saying to Tim that things hadn’t been good for a while and that Oliver plus what happened with Amy has put more strain on the marriage", the soap fan recalled.

"Unless it was just a throwaway line or the writers were trying to foreshadow something."

According to this viewer, Amy's rape trauma could push Tracy and Steve over the edge, leading to a dramatic final breakup.

But could this separation also push Amy further down her spiral?


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3. Parents take action against bully

Luca Toolan made his debut in the soap earlier this year as Weatherfield bully Mason Radcliffe.

The lad has been tormenting Dylan Wilson (portrayed by Liam McCheyne) ever since, humiliating and pushing him to do his dirty work in the cobbles.

Meanwhile, Dylan's home life has been rocked by his father Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) losing both of his jobs.

But despite being severely cash-strapped, Sean presents Dylan with some designer trainers, revealing that he sold some of his gear to pay for them.

Dylan, who lost his job as a paper boy due to an outburst triggered by Mason, feels a stab of guilt – but that doesn't stop him hanging around his bully.

Under pressure from Mason, Dylan flogs vape pens to the other school kids.

When Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) tries to buy one, Liam Connor (Charlie Wrenshall) points out she’s only twelve.

However, while Liam tries to stick by his morals, a careless Mason intervenes and orders Dylan to sell her the vape regardless of her age.

Unfortunately for Dylan, things quickly get out of control as Sean hears what happened from Hope.

Dylan is confronted by his angry father who reveals he has found his stash of vapes and disposed of them.

Matters only get worse when Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) get wind of what happened and decide to confront Dylan.

The pair of them call round and together with Sean, demand Dylan tell them who’s forcing him to sell vapes.

When Sean suggests that it’s Mason and threatens to call the police, Dylan does a runner.

Mason clearly won't stop wreaking havoc in Weatherfield which could lead the parents of the children he has wronged to take action.

One Reddit user pointed out that Mason comes from a well-known organised crime family Gary Windass (Mikey North) is familiar with.

The youngster has not only bullied Dylan but has also tormented Liam Connor, putting him in danger after pushing him to try out a vape.

Could Gary, Sean, Tyrone and Cassie team up and turn to Mason's family in the hopes of pushing him back onto the straight and narrow?

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Could this lead to Gary getting involved in yet another dangerous feud?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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