This Week's 'Westworld' Revealed That Dolores and Charlotte Have Secret Plans for William

We got only the briefest tease for what Dolores and her copy in Charlotte Hale’s body are going to do next


(This article contains spoilers for the episode of “Westworld” that aired on April 19)

This week’s episode of “Westworld” on HBO was quite a doozie. So much so, in fact, that it can be easy to miss a potentially huge detail about what Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Charlotte-Dolores (Tessa Thompson) are going to try to do next. And it involves William (Ed Harris).

As we know, William ended up being shipped off to some super posh psychiatric facility by Charlotte, but judging by a couple easily missable details in this week’s episode that power move wasn’t just to get him out of the way while Charlotte tried to take Delos private. They still have plans for William.

So the first big clue comes early on in this week’s “Westworld.” We see William in the psychiatric facility, and they take his blood for sampling or whatever. We follow that blood to where the technician folks are, and see them plug the blood into their systems, and we get very brief flashes on the screen that his blood is not quite in the shape that it’s supposed to be.

Then, later in the episode, we see Charlotte in her office pulling the data that was transmitted from the synthetic particles in that blood. And she makes a phone call to an unknown person, presumably either the main Dolores or one of the other two copies who are still out in the wild. “The tracker in our friend’s blood paid off. I’ve got the location you’re looking for.” On both screens, the tracker — which is presumably what Charlotte injected him with a couple weeks ago — pinpointed the Mexican state of Sonora.

These two scenes provoke a ton of new questions, but I’d guess that Dolores’s interest in that location is in the facility itself, and not necessarily William. If they needed William himself they could have had him already. It’s more likely that Charlotte had him committed because she knew he would be sent to this specific, apparently secret facility, and they wanted to get in.

Though technically they could also want to grab William for some reason. Maybe this is a contingency plan they had for if Charlotte wasn’t able to take Delos private to avoid Serac’s (Vincent Cassel) takeover. Like they stash William away some place out of the way so they can grab him should they end up needing him — and maybe, with the whole plan otherwise appearing to fall apart, they need him now.

But if the whole thing was actually to find that facility, the question becomes about what’s in there that would make it worth seeking out. The possibilities on that are pretty endless so I’m not sure there’s much worth in my speculation at the moment. But it’s something to think about as we close in on the end of “Westworld” season 3. Only two episodes left.

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