This Morning star Eamonn Holmes stuns fans with his bizarre method of cooking bacon

Eamonn Holmes managed to raise a few eyebrows on This Morning this week as he revealed his unusual method of cooking bacon! The TV presenter and his wife Ruth Langsford are fronting the show over the half term, and sparked a debate amongst viewers on Monday following Eamonn’s kitchen confession. The pair were discussing the best way to cook rashers of bacon following a barbeque cooking segment by chef James Martin. Wrinkling up her face, Ruth remarked: “You microwaved bacon the other day!” “And?!” Eamonn replied. “I came downstairs and thought ‘What is this horrible smell?'” Ruth added. “And did you see the fat splattering inside?”

Eamonn Holmes revealed his bizarre method of cooking bacon on This Morning

“Ah! But I’ve worked out how to do that now. You put a tissue over the top it.” Eamonn continued. Ruth then addressed the camera, asking viewers: “Do you microwave bacon? I’ve never done that before!” “Well, I have!” Eamonn retorted. “And it tasted fine!” The camera then panned to James, who could be seen shaking his head in disgust.

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It comes after Eamonn opened up about the couple’s concerns for their families during the lockdown, in particular their mothers. Taking part in an Instagram Live on Saturday night, the 60-year-old praised Ruth for keeping his family together during the pandemic, before opening up about her worries for her mum Joan. He said: “She’s a domestic goddess, she scrubs and she cleans this house, she really keeps us all together here and she’s spending a lot of time designing her clothes for her QVC range, I don’t really understand it but that’s what she’s doing. She tends to be very anxious about this, she’s very worried about her mother who is on lockdown in a care home and she can’t see her so they wave to each other through a window.”

Eamonn pictured with his 92-year-old mum, Josie

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The dad-of-four went on to talk about his own worries for his elderly mum Josie, 92, who lives in Belfast. Eamonn said: “But I feel worse about my mother because she is very frail, sharp as a tack, 92 years of age but does not use technology. Obviously I can’t get to see her but the odd time I can get a phone to her and the wonderment, she doesn’t like technology, but the fact I can see her on something like this (video chat) is good.”

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