This Morning guest who thinks he’s Prince Charles’ son cut off mid-interview after wife swears at Holly and Phil

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Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were left in fits of giggles over a guest’s sweary rant on This Morning as they had to cut to an ad break.

On Thursday’s show, the presenters were joined via video call from Australia by a man claiming to be the secret son of Prince Charles and Camilla.

But when his off-camera wife became angry with a royal biographer’s comments, they had to abruptly end the interview.

She could be heard shouting: “Stop treating indigenous people like s**t."

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As This Morning cut to an ad break, Holly struggled to hold in her giggles as she trailed the upcoming phone-in with Vanessa Feltz and Phil could be seen laughing on the sofa.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day laid out his evidence for why he believed his real parents were Charles and Camilla, including a story where he said he showed a photo of the royals to his grandmother, who then allegedly confirmed he was their son.

He showed photos of his children who he thought looked like the Queen and Charles, although Phil called it “a stretch”, and he also claimed his eyes and teeth had been operated on as a child to look different.

But when Holly and Phil brought in royal biographer Robert Jobson to give his expert opinion on whether there could be any truth to the claims, Simon’s wife became offended.

Robert said: “The photos, to me, none of them look anything like the Royal Family.

“It sounds more like a James Bond movie than the truth.”

He also added: “Grandparents say all sorts of things, I was told by mine I was related to Horatio Nelson but it doesn’t mean it’s true.”

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Simon and his wife both started speaking over Robert, who said: “Hang on, there’s someone else speaking now, this is like Piers Morgan on a wet Wednesday.”

As Phil warned the woman off-screen not to shout over the debate, Simon said: “That’s my wife, and they have a right to know the truth.”

The woman shouted: “Not lies! Stop treating indigenous people like s**t.”

Holly apologised for the language as they shut down the interview, but both she and Phil couldn’t hold in their laughter as the show went to a break.

The pair are known for their on-screen laughing fits, which have included hysterics over a miniature pony pooing in the studio and Holly worrying about wetting herself while laughing.

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