The Walking Dead fans spot major oversight with Beta’s new mask after skinning Alpha’s face

THE Walking Dead fans have spotted a major oversight with Beta’s new mask after skinning Alpha’s face.

The leader of The Whisperers – played by Samantha Morton – was murdered by Negan in a recent episode, before being beheaded and stuck on a pike.

However her second in command – played by Ryan Hurst – salvaged her severed, zombified head and put it out of its misery by plunging a knife into it to destroy the brain.

He then skinned her face and added some of it to his own mask, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed an oversight regarding the piece he used.

Taking to Reddit, they wrote: "Why is there no cut where the knife went in?"

Some other fans were confused by this comment, thinking the viewer meant the wounds Alpha received at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

But another wrote: "I think he might be referring to when Beta stabbed her to put her Walker head down.

"That was under her ear upward into her brain.”

Despite such a stab wound, there's no sign of it on his new Alpha-infused mask as he takes charge of The Whisperers.

Show runner Angela Kang recently discussed Beta's new role and his plans for revenge in the series 10 finale in a chat with Entertainment Weekly.

She said: "We'll find out more about this voice speaking to Beta.

"But he's got his half Alpha face and he seems to be guided by voices.

"What we know about Beta is that now that he's taken leadership of the group, this is what his version of being the Alpha is and it's, in its own way, disturbing and it's uniquely Beta."

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