The One Show descends into chaos as Shakira suffers technical blunder

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Singer Shakira sends BBC's The One Show into a frenzy as she freezes during a chat with hosts Ronan Keating and Alex Jones live on air.

The Columbian singer first froze during her intro to the BBC show, where she was due to speak alongside DJ Mark Ronson.

Welsh presenter Alex Jones was talking about the upcoming Olympic games during the first segment of the show and then asked for the stars' thoughts.

Alex asked: "Mark, racewalking, would that be for you?"

The DJ replied: "I've heard of it, your feet aren't allowed to fully leave the ground – that's the rules I believe.

"I think that is right up my street, that's my speed."

Ronan then quizzed the singer on her choice of sport and said: "Shakira, what would your Olympic sport be?"

Shakira then didn't respond as she annoyingly froze for fans back home who were eager to her speak.

Alex then filled the gap by saying: "Oh I thought she was just looking gorgeous, but she's frozen."

The third guest on the show actor Alan Davies then comically added "it's like Tracy Island" in reference to the Thunderbird puppets.

The hosts tried to avoid any more awkwardness by cutting away and talking to the other guests on the programme.

The cast finally got hold of Shakira at the end of the show, after showing her new video 'Don't Wake Up'.

When talking about getting back on our radios, she said she feels like a horse who has gotten out of the stables.

The singer went on to explain how excited she was about releasing new music and getting into the studio again.

Shakira said: "It's great to be in a room or in a studio with other collaborators, everything I've got inside is pouring out in the shape of songs."

She was continuing to explain her journey when Alex Jones had to awkwardly cut in her speech, by saying the show had to come to an end.

Alex said: "Shakira, we're going to have to stop you there.

"Great to see you, and we'll see you on Monday."

She ended the show by saying: "Well, that was a race to the finish wasn't it?!"

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