'The Expanse' Season 6: Frankie Adams and Wes Chatham Dance Together On Set During Filming

The Expanse Season 5 was, to say the least, incredibly stressful, and it’s likely The Expanse Season 6 will up the ante. Naomi Nagata’s capture by Inaros and her subsequent escape had fans freaking out. Amos’ escape with Peaches from a bombed-out Earth, and Holden uncovering secrets with his crew as he tries to rescue Nagata only added even more drama to Season 5. 

The ending left fans on a cliffhanger, curious to see what happens next following the defection of an MCRN group to Inaros’ cause, and a strange anomaly forming as they try to enter the ring. Now, it seems like The Expanse Season 6 is filming, and Wes Chatham and Frankie Adams are feeling “Just Fine.”

How did The Expanse Season 5 end?

The Expanse Season 5 was chock full of drama and action. After being kidnapped by Filip and Marco Inaros, Naomi Nagata witnessed her son become a mass murderer. She saw an opportunity to escape and took it, scrambling to disarm a bomb on the Chetzemoka, which Marco Inaros planned to use as bait for Holden. 

Meanwhile, Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper uncovers arms deals between MCRN operatives and Inaros’ group. She and Alex join the search for Nagata with Holden. Wes Chatham as Amos Burton escapes from Earth with Peaches following the Inaros group’s asteroid attack. 

The Expanse Season 5 ends with Alex suffering a stroke after an intense burn to save Nagata, who was floating in space. Draper pulls in Nagata, and everyone, minus Alex, reunites with Amos and Avasarala.  

A portion of the MCRN fleet, including the Barkeith, goes rogue. Admiral Sauveterre commands the Barkeith towards ring space alongside Marco Inaros. They destroy the UNN ships defending the ring, leaving everyone in shock. Sauveterre is granted the Laconia system by Inaros. Additionally, the protomolecule has been sent through the ring to the villainous scientist, Paolo Cortázar. 

A mysterious red anomaly affects the Barkeith as it attempts to pass through the ring, slowing down time and disintegrating everything. Fans will have to wait for The Expanse Season 6 to learn more.

The Expanse Season 6 sees a cast change

The Expanse Season 6 will be seeing a cast change following accusations of sexual assault against Cas Anvar. The Expanse directors and fellow actors have rallied in support of the accusers, with the show deciding to ditch Cas Anvar in the role of Alex as a result. 

“And, if I may, a wholehearted thank you to those who were brave enough to bring this to us. We hear you. This will get the attention and action such serious allegations deserve. I’m staking my reputation on it,” tweeted the James S.A. Corey account.

Frankie Adams and Wes Chatham jam out together

The Expanse Season 6 has already been filming during 2016, starting in February 2021. Naturally, this is thrilling news for fans. And in case there was any doubt, Frankie Adams and Wes Chatham just proved once again how much fun the whole cast has with each other on set. 

Many of the actors have noted how close they’ve become with their colleagues, including writers Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham. Additionally, they’re all fans of the show and many of them are fans of the books, so its easy to see why Frankie Adams and Wes Chatham may be in the mood to dance. 

Frankie Adams shared a clip of her and Wes Chatham jamming out to “Just Fine’ by Mary J Blige — excellent choice. Wes Chatham uploaded the same clip to his Instagram.

“A warm day in Toronto makes you plose] your God damn mind!!!!” he captioned the clip.

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