Temptation Island spoilers: Casey left open-mouthed as he's forced to watch girlfriend Ashley have SEX with Ben

TEMPTATION Island’s Casey was left gobsmacked as he was forced to watch his girlfriend Ashley have sex with Ben in shock scenes.

The series, which aired in the US in 2019, is currently sending shockwaves through the UK as we watch it for the first time on e4.

In an upcoming episode, viewers will watch as Ashley decides she’s had enough of Casey and goes on a date with Ben instead.

The date ends up being very enjoyable and they shared a passionate kiss which leads to them spending the night together.

The whole thing then gets shown to Casey in a brutal moment around the bonfire and he can’t quite believe his eyes as he watches them between the sheets.

After the shock wears off, he starts crying and punching his seat in anger and frustration – in very hard to watch scenes. 

Fans who have already seen the dramatic moment have expressed their horror at what unfolds and those who have seen the whole series, can’t quite believe what happens after.

The highly-popular reality television program, hosted by Mark Walberg, revolves around several couples agreeing to live with a group of singles of the opposite sex in order to see how faithful they are.

The couples will take a break from each other while living in separate houses with a group of singles to unearth if there is another person they could be more compatible with.

After many twists and turns we will find out if the couples will reunite and leave the island together OR choose someone else.

The four couples taking part in the social experiment in 2021 will be testing out single life on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

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