Teen Mom's Dr Drew claims Farrah Abraham was 'horrible' to him & calls Amber Portwood a 'brittle mental health patient'

TEEN Mom's reunion host Dr. Drew claimed that Farrah Abraham was "horrible and awful" to him as he discussed the girls from the franchise in an interview.

He also calledAmber Portwood a "brittle mental health patient."

In an interview with Heather McDonald of Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, Dr. Drew revealed his relationship with some of the Teen Moms and discussed why sometimes he can't react like other television doctors and "call them out" when they make detrimental choices.

When Heather asked about his relationship with iconic Farrah, who was an original cast member of Teen Mom OG, he said: "I miss Farrah, I actually do.

"But, make no mistake, at times Farrah was horrible to me, awful. She would come out and do some of the wildest stuff because she was angry.

"I’m used to that with patients … and I noticed, in my last interview with her, she would just stonewall me … really being as obstreperous as possible."

However, when the mom of one left the franchise, he remembered: "I told her, and I meant it, I said, 'Farrah I will miss you,'"

"I don’t know if everyone else will but I will miss you. We spent a lot of time together."

Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG in 2018 after she chose to continue her porn career – she did two major porn movies and promoted them as a "Backdoor Teen Mom."

And as for Amber, he told the stand-up comic: "These people who want me to somehow attack a brittle mental health patient [like Amber], as though that’s going to straighten her out? Gimme a break!

"She’s a complicated case with lots of significant issues. This 'call her out' notion is false. It is a flawed idea. It’s not something that helps anybody. 

"She’s been in treatment for 10 years now," he added.

"She was in prison for drug addiction. She’s had consequences. She knows." 

Drew further claimed that his nurturing of the moms is what prevents him "calling them out" on their issues, adding: "That’s going to harm her. Why would I harm somebody who’s got significant issues and, by the way, is doing everything they can to treat their underlying problem?"

"It’s not like she’s ignoring it. And, even if that’s the case, and I would urge somebody into treatment, the way people imagine it on television is not the way you do it.

"It’s not the Dr. Phil world. Dr. Phil does great television but he’s not doing mental health services."

Fans of the franchise are very familiar with Dr. Drew as he is the host of all the reunion shows.

He is often tasked with asking the Teen Mom stars the tough questions and sometimes this causes fights, walk-outs, and even them snapping at him.

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