TalkTV viewers fume as tech and sound issues plague launch: How hard is it!

TalkTV launches with Tom Newton-Dunn presenting

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Piers Morgan returned to TV on Monday night (April 25) after his year hiatus away from television programmes. His new talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored comes after he stormed out of the ITV studios and quit his presenting job at Good Morning Britain after a row with Alex Beresford. Piers stated he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s comments she made to Oprah Winfrey about her mental health, to which a storm of controversy erupted. Now, as he makes his way back to TV, he interviews Donald Trump and Sharon Osborne to kick off his return. However, viewers who were eagerly waiting for his show to air began to slam the channel and complained about technical and sound issues within minutes of the launch.

As the launch countdown ended and presenter Tom Newton-Dunn welcomed viewers to the channel, the sound and video were out of sync.

With Tom explaining what was to come from the show, the clips began to blur and incur technical problems.

Whilst the issues managed to sort themselves out, eagle-eyed viewers were already taking to their Twitter accounts to slam the show.

User @M0TFO commented: “What’s with these new channels, how hard is it to get the audio dubbing right @TalkTV.”

Michael Knight added: “@TalkTV looking forward to a new channel….but why no HD feed. Terrible picture, no crispness to graphics and the picture is fuzzy.”

@MooAndDrew said: “#TalkTV Poor sound quality and the picture quality is not brilliant. I bet @GBNEWS are laughing their heads off at the moment.”

@CJ_belfast quipped: “@TalkTV can you afford subtitles for the deaf and HOH? Pathetic really in this day and age – inaccessible resources for us?”

Rowland Gee fumed: “@talktv, Can we please have lips and sound in sync, please.”

However, not all viewers were annoyed by the faults, with Paul Reoch praising: “Quite impressed with TalkTV so far. Looking forward to Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump.” (sic)

Briefly, before Piers’ show aired, Tom spoke to him about how he was feeling, to which he said: “Piers Morgan, (you) might have heard of him, he will be here at eight, so let’s go to him now… Evening, Piers.”

Piers laughed and said: “Well, we made it, finally rehearsals are over, we are live, TalkTV is off and running, and from what I am hearing on Twitter, you’re not doing a bad job, to my pleasant surprise!”

Tom went on to ask about Donald Trump calling Piers a “slimeball” over the weekend for the 30-second trailer that was aired for the show.

He exclaimed: “Thanks, Piers, I love surprising you, now look, I’m looking forward to your Donald Trump interview tonight.

“He has called you a slimeball over the weekend, who would have thought are you going to take that?”

Once again, laughing at the question, Piers responded: “That is a very defamatory statement and what he has actually said in his second of two statements about the 30-second promo about my interview is that I am not a complete slimeball.

“I don’t know about you, but I think you’re either a complete slimeball or you’re not, there’s no middle ground of slime.

“So I am taking that as a positive sign that President Trump is beginning to fall from his rather icy way that we ended our encounter.”

During the interview with Donald Trump, the two controversial figures butt heads as they speak about the Royal Family.

Donald claimed that the Queen should strip Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of their royal titles and branded Harry an “embarrassment”.

He also commented on Piers walking off of Good Morning Britain and called him “embarrassing”, stating that he overreacted.

Piers Morgan Uncensored airs Monday from 8pm on TalkTV.

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