'Survivor: Winners at War': This Castaway Only Lost 6 Pounds During the Game

When Survivor players leave the game, they immediately check in with the doctor on-site in Fiji. In addition to asking them how they are feeling, he checks their vitals. One important step is also to check how much weight they lost while being malnourished on the island. This one castaway lost the least amount of weight — only six pounds in 36 days.

The Edge of Extinction players reveal their weight loss at Ponderosa on day 35

Survivor: Winners at War was a unique season for Ponderosa and exit interviews because all 13 of the Edge of Extinction inhabitants arrived together. Ponderosa is the name of the resort that the players reside at after they leave the game. Typically, castaways arrive one-at-a-time after they are voted out. 

Once they arrive, they can see themselves in a large mirror to see how much they have changed in their time on the island. Next, they head to the doctor for a weight check. 

“I’m a 28-year-old in a child’s body,” Adam Klein said after discovering that he lost 18 lbs. while playing Survivor.

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Boston Rob Mariano lost the most weight with a whopping 34 lbs. gone after his time playing Survivor: Winners at War. Ethan Zohn was next with 30 pounds. Since the players are only eating rice, coconuts, and an occasional fish, losing a lot of weight is common. Wendell lost 25 lbs., while Jeremy was close behind with 24 lbs. 

‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Who lost the least amount of weight while playing the game?

Sophie Clarke thought she lost the least of all of the players, with only 10 pounds down. She joked that she still has to go on a wedding diet. However, the arrival of Denise Stapley to Ponderosa on day 36, revealed that Sophie did not lose the least. 

“She had a plate of food in front of her but didn’t touch it,” Parvati Shallow said.

Denise never went to the Edge of Extinction during her time in the game, so she had more to eat on the main island. The other castaways were also grilling her with questions when she sat down to eat, so that did not help her appetite. 

“Denise’s appetite was disappointing,” Sophie said. “I like to see a little bit of the hungry tiger let out of the cage.”

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After their first meal, the players can head to a luxurious room to shower and rest. Denise was so happy to have that private space to retreat. She admitted that she missed Sophie and Kim the most, and was delighted to have coffee with them the next morning.

How long does it take ‘Survivor’ players to gain all the weight back that they lost? 

When Survivor players arrive at Ponderosa, they are starved and malnourished, so they must relax and nurse themselves back to health. 

“Twenty hours later, and I have already gained nine and a half pounds back — 9.6 to be exact,” Rob Mariano told Ethan the day after arriving at Ponderosa. 

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With all of the food and water readily available at the resort, some players gain the weight back quickly.

“You’re my inspiration to gain more weight. Someday I hope I can look obese like you,” Ethan joked.  

Luckily, a doctor is always available while the castaways are playing Survivor. They can check vitals and step in at any moment. 

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