Survivor Recap: A New Alliance of Four Sets Its Crosshairs on a Huge Target

Tony’s risky coup on last week’s Survivor paid off in spades. Not only did the New Jersey police officer find a hidden immunity idol and win the immunity challenge, but he was also able to flip the vote at the last second, targeting South Pacific winner Sophie, who was getting just a little bit too close to his Cops R Us partner, Sarah. (What a tough loss. Let’s pour one out, Sophie fans.) Will Tony’s antics cause his alliances to crumble? Plus, what brutal new challenge will push the Edge of Extinction players to their limit? Let’s recap!

The night of Sophie’s ouster, Sarah is pissed. She calls the move “grimy,” and lets the profanities fly. “I’m absolutely infuriated with him. What are you doing? We were fine!” Sarah tells us. When Cops R Us hash it out, Sarah lets her fury rip. “If I get voted out, never talk to me again,” she tells him. Shots. Fired. “This is war, stop crying, put your man panties on and go to war,” Tony counters via confessional. Is this yet another Survivor alliance destroyed?

Cue the Spy Nest! Which is really the Spy Bunker 2.0. (Or 3.0? Who can even keep track of this man these days?) The next morning, Sarah seems to have cooled. She’s the only one who knows that a grown man is hiding in a tree near the water well, hoping to eavesdrop on some intel. “Can you see me?” he asks, like a seven-year-old who just climbed his first tree.

Kim, on the other hand, needs Tony out, and she gets to work. She talks to Denise, Ben, Nick and Michele. “This is by far the riskiest move I’ve had to make, but I have to do something or go out trying,” she says. Everyone seems to agree (at least to Kim’s face), but none of them know about Tony’s idol.

THE EDGE | The ejected players are up for yet another grueling task. They must retrieve 20 coconuts from the other side of the island and stack them next to the shelter, one coconut at a time. The first six to accomplish the task will earn two fire tokens, while the other five get zilch. Adam and Tyson seem out of it from the start, but Natalie, Sophie and Parvati look like they’re crushing it. The rising tide adds an extra challenge; Boston Rob slips and cracks his elbow open, taking him out of the running. Natalie and Sophie are the first two to finish; Yul, Parvati, Tyson and Wendell also take the W.

BACK AT KARU | Sarah and Tony are back to bickering, encouraging Nick to start thinking endgame. “I’ve got my eye on the prize, and that’s why I have to make big moves to stand out,” he says. Nick, Kim, Denise and Michele talk over a final four deal, and it seems like a go. Nick knows he needs to get Jeremy, Sarah and Tony out if he wants to have a shot.

Later, knowing a new idol is in play, Sarah starts looking… but so does everybody else. Ben finds the idol and tries to hide it from Tony, who’s right there and calls him out. Ben’s instincts were probably right, but Ben’s shady move makes Tony nervous. Regardless, it looks like there’s a new power couple in play.

IMMUNITY IS NOW UP FOR GRABS | It’s a classic Survivor endurance challenge. Players’ hands are tethered above them and tied to a bucket. If the water spills, you’re out. The last man and woman left will earn immunity and two tokens. Jeremy is the first out, and Ben disqualifies himself by touching the structure. Sarah drops next. Fifteen minutes in, Jeff makes a tempting offer: A mound of peanut butter with chocolate, cookies and milk for players who drop out. Kim and Michele take the deal, giving Denise immunity; then Nick drops out, giving Tony the win! Wasn’t Nick just talking about the dire need to get Tony gone? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

STRATEGY SESH’ | Nick lets us know that he was falling off the beam anyway, hence him taking the snack over immunity. Ugh, fiiine. With Kim’s plan to blindside Tony off the table, she along with Denise, Michele and Nick promise Ben they’ll vote Jeremy. Ben then rats everyone out, telling Tony that the alliance of four wants him out. Tony confronts Nick about it, but Nick is a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad liar, which causes him to freak. Nick gives Kim the heads-up that Ben ratted, while Tony pitches Ben about ousting Kim. If that wasn’t enough, Michele then gives Jeremy her 50/50 advantage! Brace yourselves for one loaded tribal.

THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN | The players talk about how exhausting this “mass chaos” has been. Michele reflects on stepping out of the challenge, and as she’s talking, Tony is whispering. Kim gets out of her seat. Then Sarah’s up and about. Does Jeff even have control of these tribals anymore? Probst then gives his best impression of a sports commentator because he’s barely even at tribal these days. “Maybe there’s nothing to be said tonight,” says Jeff. Really, Jeff!? Come on. From the looks of it, they have plenty to say! Denise has had it. She shuts it all down and looks just as annoyed as I feel right now. (Seriously, we need to ban tribal council whispering for good!) Everyone votes, and Probst calls for idols. Tony offers to play one for Sarah, and she refuses it! Jeremy almost plays the 50/50, but doesn’t! The votes are read, and Kim is sent to the Edge. She gives her tokens to Denise, Sarah and Michele.

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