Sky News host slams Harry for sharing climate anxiety despite huge LA home

Rita Panahi, an Australian Sky News host, lashed out at Prince Harry for his discussion of Climate Anxiety despite flying on private jets and living in a seven acre LA mansion.

Harry, whom Rita calls the "Prince of Wokeness", faced backlash from the presenter after his non-profit company, Archewell, pledged to reach net-zero by 2030.

She said, "I apologise in advance but it involves the 'Prince of Wokeness', Harry, who we learned today discussed Climate Anxiety with Psychiatrists and Compassion Scholars, whatever they are.

She added: "The couple has pledged to actively make choices to reduce their own carbon footprint.

"But, like many of the elite global warming alarmers, they insist on taking private jets and living in massive mansions."

Harry runs Archewell, with his wife Meghan Markle. The nonprofit charitable foundation runs events and seminars for cultural, sporting, health, mental health and entertainment purposes.

It was reported that the pair have taken 21 flights in the space of two years, despite their speeches and advocacy for climate change.

As the pair do not own a jet themselves, they often rely on celeb friends, like Elton John, for their emission-heavy transport.

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When the pair were relocating, actor, director and producer Tyler Perry reportedly loaned his Embraer Lineage 1000E to fly the couple from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

Many critics and presenters have called out the pair for their hypocrisy, and for being "out of touch" from the public.

Royal expert Gertrude Daly called out the ex-Royal pair last month saying: "If you are going to preach about climate change you need to put your words into action.

"They don’t need to go full Greta Thunberg and refuse to travel by plane. But they should do the inconvenient thing and travel commercial every once in a while."

The pair now live in a glorious mansion in Montecito, California since leaving their roles in the Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry's new home cost $14.65 million, and the couple secured a $9.5 million mortgage.

The seven and a half acre estate has a pool, tennis court, tea house and children’s cottage.

Their famous neighbours include Oprah Winfrey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ellen DeGeneres and Ariana Grande.

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