Sean Hayes Defends Himself for Playing ‘Lazy Susan’ in New Movie

The ‘Will and Grace’ actor is prepared for any criticisms that might come his way for portraying the female leading character in his next feature film.

AceShowbiz -“Will & Grace” star Sean Hayes is happy to speak to any woman who challenges him over his decision to play the lead in his new comedy, “Lazy Susan“.

The TV star can’t wait to hear push back from activists accusing him of taking the job away from an actress.

“Please introduce me to a woman who is hurt by that and I would love to make her feel better and have that conversation,” Sean says. “I mean the argument of should gay people only play gay roles; I’m 50/50 on that. I think everybody should at least have the opportunity to audition to prove themselves worthy of playing a character that they identify with in their own sexual orientation; how they define themselves.”

“But at the same time, actors want to play parts that aren’t themselves and removed from who they are, so it’s a very interesting long conversation that there’s no right answer.”

Hayes created the “Lazy Susan” character years ago for his “In Living Color” audition, when he was up to replace Jim Carrey.

“I got my bag of wigs and accents and characters and all that crazy stuff,” he recalls. “Of course I’m still waiting to see if I got the part! But years later a friend, who I went to high school with, said I should do something with the character… and call her Lazy Susan.”

“A lightbulb went off and it’s such a great title and metaphor for someone spinning out of control and that can’t get her life together. That was a great in to the story. I never thought to do her again until now.”

“I try to pick characters that are most unlike me, and Susan is that. Plus, I never saw a man play a woman where the comedy didn’t come from that; where the comedy comes from the character of this woman. That’s why I didn’t have crazy make-up or crazy hair. I just wanted her to be as real as possible.”

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